Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interview :: Virginia From Charlie and Rosie

The very creative Virginia from Charlie and Rosie has given us a little insight about her cafe adventures with one busy little boy and one sweet pintsized girl in tow. Virginia is founder and creator of Charlie and Rosie and in between caring for two young bubs Virginia makes cushions for little people using designs that are unique, fun and a little bit arty.

Day Job/Occupation :: Founder of Charlie and Rosie and creator of cushions for kids.

How many kidlet's do you have? :: Charlie 2 years and Grace 6 months

Tea or coffee? :: Both (and at any given opportunity) but if you ask me early in the morning after a night of caring for little people then Skinny Latte with one and three quarters is the preferred choice.

Sweet or Savoury for breakfast? :: Savoury without question. Eggs Benedict with hollandaise on the side PLUS bacon, avocado and a hash brown (spinach if I’m feeling healthy).

How often do you dine out with your little people?:: We are only just coming up for air after the birth of Grace so dining out is more of a distant memory. However under more normal circumstances we like to dine out at least once each week. Whether that be breakfast somewhere at a child friendly cafe or dinner at 5.30pm (!) in an empty restaurant.

Keeping it local. Where does your family hangout the most? :: Jellybread Café in West Footscray. Other than Charlie getting into a scrap with some older boys in the caravan, the backyard is a great area to let toddlers roam free safely.

Miss Marmalade in Brunswick is another favourite. We love the back room which is dedicated to mums and kids, it can get a little cabin feverish at times but it's nice to know that kids are welcome all the same. (P.S Bambini readers we have donated some beautiful cushions to Miss Marmalade and they are using them in the backroom for the little people to cuddle and love.)

What is the ultimate family friendly feature you love in a kid friendly café? Separate areas for children to play (safely). Preferably sound proof and with barricades. Just kidding! Barricades would be ridiculous!

What do your kids love to eat when they go out? :: Charlie: cupcakes, scrambled eggs, babycinos, bread soldiers, porridge with fruit, toasted sandwiches, dirt. Grace: boob

The Charlie & Rosie cushion's in action at a kid friendly café

Best thing about eating out with kids :: My husband and I believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I definitely think eating out with children has improved our fitness (running to catch Charlie before he makes it into the kitchen).  It is also a joy to share a meal as a family, to laugh, enjoy each others company and make memories together.

Worst thing about eating out with kids :: The cost of bribing a toddler  "I’ll get you a cookie if you hop off that table top"

Describe Eating out with Kids in Three words :: Stop. Ouch. Sorry !

Thanks so much for your time Virginia, we know how busy you must be! Also we are super excited that you’ve kindly donated some cushions to various kid friendly cafes around Melbourne, we’ll have to keep a look out when we’re out and about next.

To get your hands on some of Virginia's gorgeous creations head on over to Charlie and Rosie. You can also find them on Facebook - Pinterest and Instagram.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

MELT :: Chocolate Festival :: Melbourne

Hands up who loves chocolate? Hands up whose kids love chocolate?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then I may have just the thing to brighten a cold Melbourne Sunday.

The Immigration Museum is holding a chocolate festival on Sunday May 26 from 11am to 4pm, called Melt.

This festival is part of the ongoing ‘Sweets’ exhibition, exploring the role of sweets in different cultures.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the preview last night and taste some of the amazing chocolates that will be on offer at the festival. 

We got to try some beautiful Belgian truffles, made by the very talented Stefaan Van Numen; Brazilian Brigadieros, truffles made with white, milk or dark chocolate and condensed milk; Mexican Champurrado or hot chocolate, spiced with vanilla, cinnamon and orange blossom, with conchas for dipping. I was in heaven!

We even got to decorate a Mexican Day of the Dead chocolate skull with lollies and icing. So much fun!

The festival will have food stalls, workshops, music, entertainment and lots of activities for the kids. Check out the Immigration Museum website for more details.

See you there for some chocolately fun!

Where: Immigration Museum, 400 Flinders Street Melbourne
When:  Sunday May 26, 11am to 4pm
Cost:  $10 adults, concession and children FREE

**Huge thanks to Mel for attending this event on behalf of Hey Bambini, also another "shout-out" thanks to the Immigration Museum for having us! xx**

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

City Eats for Little Peeps

You know the CBD isn’t just for men in slick suits and geeky students. For us a trip into the city means another fast paced adventure for Mr 4 and Mr 2. Sky scrapers, musical busker’s, street sweepers, graffiti art work, the dirty Yarra River, unusual looking folk and colourful window displays is just a snap shot of what the boys and l get to experience. For us it also means seeking out toilets and kid friendly eats, which is another whole challenge in itself.

So without further ado here is a list of cafes and restaurants we’ve researched, tested and tried that cater for families and kids. From the CBD to South Bank and South Wharf we’ve uncovered some cool hip spots that are sure to please you and your tiny diners.

Little Miss Fancy Pants :: Fancy Eats for Little Peeps

Akachochin – South Wharf
Change Table – High Chair – Some Room for Prams - Booking Requirements  
Fancy Japanese by the water. Best save this spot for when your baby is in arms.

Café Vue Cafe – Collins St
Kids Menu Only
Fancy eats for fancy peeps. Enjoy a slice of the Vue de Monde action without the price tag. This casual café serves up fancy chicken sausage rolls, egg soldiers, nutella with crepes and decadent cakes for the most discerning mini foodie.

The Langham – South Bank
A La Carte Eats for Kid – High Chairs – Change Table – Special Home-Made Baby Puree to order.
The Langham also do Special Themed afternoon tea events for kids, from Peter Pan to Barbie and Disney Princess's on show this spot is a MUST for your little foodie. See HERE for more info.

Casual Café Style Dining

Café Baci – South Bank
Kids Menu – High Chair – Change Table
No fuss family eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner - they even have kids milkshakes!

Trunk Diner - CBD
High Chairs – Crayons and Paper – Room for Pram - Bookings Essential for Main Restaurant
This upbeat dining venue is tip top for a casual lunch or dinner with the wee ones, all you have to do is come down and grab a table.

Va Bene - Docklands
Kids Menu - High Chairs
This riverside location is top notch for views,  Italian style eats and service.
The Good Old Family Favourites
High Chairs – Kids Pizza and Pasta - Next to the Queen Victoria Market
Relaxed atmosphere with tradition Italian eats, which is well priced and boasts a family vibe.

Children’s Tea Party Menu – Kids Menu – High Chairs
This fun, loud, familiar family favourite has a well known reputation and serves breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yep we love a good old fashioned pancake with a twist.

Pub Style Dining

High Chairs – Kids Menu – Change Table – Sandpit with Spades – Room for Prams

Gasolina – South Wharf
High Chairs – Kids Menu on request kids pizza and pasta – Colouring In Placemat
P.S If Dad loves Motorbikes then THIS is the place to take him!

Melbourne Public – South Wharf
High Chairs – Room for the Prams – Bookings recommended for large group.
Great spot for people watching and to grab some bar style snacks with the wee ones. Our kids were free to move around and play outside while we had a cheeky beer on the footpath style seating.
Asian Style Eats

High Chairs – Change Table – Room for Prams
Casual Asian eats complete with a bar made from Lego, which is just for looking unfortunately. Mr 4 not happy
Wagamama - South Gate - CDB
High Chairs - Kids Eat FREE - Find our detailed Review HERE
Cheap Asian eats are my favourite! Grab some spring rolls, dim sum, a bowl of noodles or a stir-fry. There are LOADS of fun family friendly dishes to eat, and hey the kids eat FREE - need l say more!

Find More Family Friendly Yum Cha Hot Spots in China Town and the CBD ::  HERE

Hello My Mexican Friend
High Chairs – Kids Menu – Fooz Ball Table – Room for Prams
Grab some quick and tasty traditional eats at this casual Mexican eatery. The special kids menu will fill little tummies with dishes like The Little Guy Burrito, Chedder Cheese Quesadillas and tasty Kids Nachos. This place rocks, it's the ultimate spot with a very casual vibe for families.

 Mr Sweet Treat
We recently named the TOP spots in Melbourne to get a fluffy cupcakes. Find the CITY locations :: HERE
Kids and sweet shops go hand in hand. Find the BEST Kid Friendly Confectionery Shops in the city :: HERE

Has YOUR favourite city dining spot missed the list? Then you best let us know! Leave your suggestions in the comments and we’ll add them to our cracking list. xx

Spotted!! - More CBD family friendly dining suggestions Via the good folk over at Little Melbourne



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