Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Road Test :: Funky Fun Plaster Kit by Colorific

We love visiting Grandma and Grandpa up on the farm. Mr 3 loves riding the motor bike, feeding the chooks and chasing the dogs. But sometimes, because he is still only 3 years old, he just wants to chill out and do a creative activity while the grown-ups enjoy a cheeky beverage and talk. So when we visited Grandmas last week l packed a Funky Fun Plaster Painting kit for him to play with.

While we sat under the shady trees unpacking nibbles and champagne, he was unpacking his Plaster Painting Kit which came with one plaster figurine, paints and brush which were all included in the light weight box. All we needed to provide was some water in a jar to clean the brush and some newspaper to protect the table. He was in creative heaven, although the only colour he wanted to paint his dragon was blue. Which was ok until the blue paint ran out then he had a try of the other colours.

All in all it was a fun activity which kept him amused while we had time to catch up with family. It was easy to bring along to mums and the paints were contained to small plastic containers so the mess was minimal. It would be a good kit to take away on holidays or mini breaks if you wanted the kids to “just sit” for 30 minutes. Although Mr 3 didn’t follow Plaster Painting Kit “painting guide lines”, he still had fun and enjoyed showing his master piece to Grandma and Grandpa. I’m sure an older child would have taken more time to complete painting the Dragon in more detail.

Our Blue dragon is now part of the family and has even had a trip to kindergarten this week to show the other kids.

Funky Fun Plaster Painting Kits are also available in Cars, Dragons and a Magical Castle Kits.

We have a kit to give-away to one lucky reader. Just tell us what your child loves doing when they visit their Grandparents.


  1. My son loves playing cricket with his grandpa, or soccer - although grandpa gets puffed out quite quickly running around trying to kick the soccer ball!

  2. The kids love going to the playground next door to Nana and Pop's, playing in the backyard and playing shops.



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