Monday, October 3, 2011

Road Test: :: Whole Kids Frooshie

As you may know from our past blog posts we are a family who are constantly on the move. I blame my husband for most of our adventures; he has ants in his pants. Most Monday mornings about 7am he is already organising the up-coming weekend while I’m only just recovering from the previous one.

With us being on the move, often holidaying in the countryside or down the beach, it sometimes can be hard to pack wholesome snacks for Mr 1. I’m a no-fuss type of mum who loves to give my kids the best when it comes to meals and snacks. Although Mr 1 can often be a fussy eater when it comes to fruit, l can rest assured when l have Whole Kids Frooshies on hand, it will be gobbled up in no time at all with no arguments.

I didn’t know about Whole Kids when my older son was still on the mushy stuff and only discovered it when Mr 1 arrived. I was given a sample of A Whole Kids Organic Fruit Bar months ago which the bubba loved. Then in some family friendly café’s we had been visiting just recently, they were also stocking Whole Kids Frooshies, which was when our “eating relationship” started with Mr 1 and Fruit Frooshie.

What l love most about the Whole Kids Frooshie is the convenience of the screw top pouch and that it’s not jam packed with artificial colours, flavour or additives. It’s pure certified Organic fruit and Mr 1 especially loves the Banana, Strawberry and Apple but most importantly he enjoys the texture and the flavour.

Have you even heard of Whole Kids? I’m babbling on aren’t l! Well here is a little about them…

Whole Kids was established by husband-and-wife team James & Monica Meldrum over six years ago with one simple belief – to help kids experience the joy of a healthy life and a healthy world. As parents themselves, they were fed up with unhealthy children’s food made with unnecessary and potentially harmful artificial additives, preservatives, colours and flavours. They were also fed up with the “health” claims made by big food companies about their products when, in fact, many of them contained high levels of sugars, fats and sodium.

So concerned by these issues, James and Monica decided to leave their “proper jobs” and create a healthy range of certified organic snacks specially designed for kids. They decided on using organic ingredients as they believe organic food is more nutritious, tastes better, and is a more sustainable way to make food.

The Whole Kids range includes organic popcorn, corn chips, fruit bars, juices and yummy fruit smoothies. All products are free from artificial additives, preservatives, colours, flavours and other nasties. They’re also GMO free and suitable for many allergy conditions (gluten free, nut free, diary free, etc). And they’re ideal as school lunchbox snacks.

Whole Kids snacks are available at leading organic and health food stores, independent grocers and speciality food stores. You can also buy online at

We are proud to announce that Whole Kids will be a part of the Hey Bambini Dining out Survival Kits which are coming soon to the site to WIN and BUY.

They will include things like the Bubbaccino Cup, Disposable Bibs, Crayons, Books and more, which will make dining out with baby less stressful. Watch this SPACE for packs coming soon!

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