Monday, October 17, 2011

Road Test :: Oxo Tot Range Supplied Billy Lids

We love a cheeky road test over here at Hey Bambini. I like to think it makes products more real and likeable if a ‘real’ mum and bub have been using them, not some glamorous model with a ‘stand-in baby’ who’s worn-out-sleep-deprived mother stands on the sides lines waving a teddy bear to get the bubba to smile and giggle.

The folk over at Billy Lids sent us a great little dining package for Mr 1 to try out, and actually it couldn’t have come at a better time as he has just up-graded from a bottle to a Sippy Cup and making and effort to use a spoon and fork.

In the dining out pack sent by Billy Lids we received an Oxo Tot Sippy Cup, Plate and Spoon and Fork Set. (Very generous of them – thank you!)

First let’s talk the Sippy Cup Set by Oxo. It’s easy for Mr 1 to grip because it’s made from non- slip plastic that is good for kids to use when they are just starting out. The cup is suitable from 6 months and up and actually is inter-changeable as your child grows and develops. The handles can be removed when your child has obtained a good grip and also the flow of the beverage can be changed to suit the stage your child is at. Mr 1 is still learning so we still have the plastic filter in the cup to make the beverage move at a slow pace so he doesn’t drown in juice! He is still trying to work out how to hold it but the handles are helping him to steady the drink. These small milestones take time you know!

Also we got to try out the Plate and the Fork and Spoon set by Oxo. The spoon is great! (I even used it myself the other day when l couldn’t be bothered going to the cutlery drawer! Lazy: yeah l know!) The handle is great for Mr 1 as it also has the non-slip plastic on it, which makes it easy for him to grip and try to get spoonful weeties into his mouth. We’ve made quite a mess at home of late but again, it’s another small learning milestone!

The plate has been the best actually as the non-slip plastic is on the bottom making it not swish around the highchair table when Mr 1 is trying to scoop his weeties out. The edge also has a curved lip making most food fall back into the plate, not all over mum’s ‘semi-clean ‘floors.

The Oxo feeding range has been easy to wash and also easy to transport – it’s recently just returned from a weekend in the country – hey this table ware gets around! It’s light weight, brightly coloured and will be around for a long time while Mr 1 learns the “eating ropes”

All these FAB little Oxo products can be purchased online HERE at Billy Lids.

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