Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Cupcakes

Bub and l had the pleasure of a trip into the city this week for some morning tea.

And l must say it was absolutely just gorgeous.

We stopped at a quaint little cake shop in Degraves St called Little Cupcakes.

We spoilt ourselves with mini cup cakes, a babycino and a rich hot chocolate.

l think the hardest thing to do was to choose from the variety of flavours on offer.

Do we have the strawberry,chocolate,mint, latte or vanilla cupcake??

It was heaven.

Pop it on your list if you're visiting the CBD.

Little Cupcakes is a very small cake shop so leave the double pram outside if you can!

Plus it's more fun to sit outside and watch the world go by!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At my House

Well l must admit when we first moved into our two bed
room inner city town house 4 years ago l was thrilled.

We were close to the city and we had a spare room!

It was fabulous, friends could visit from out
of town and it turned into our study-guest room.

We still love our petite house, but the
dynamics of the family have changed slightly.

We now have a toddler, a dog and my 6ft’3 hubby roaming
around the place and it’s starting to feel a little cosy.

So the past week l have taken it upon myself to do bedroom blitz
and organise my sons room to be a bit more kid-friendly,
as he is moving about more than ever now.

So it was out with the large computer, broken book shelve
and all the other crap l have accumulated over the years.
I love throwing out junk and asking myself the question
– why on earth did l want to keep that 12 months ago??

Here is my sons newly re-decorated room which now has an old vintage
school desk (which use to be mine), mini cubby house for his toys
(which was my old doll house) complete with room to move and play.

It’s much more kid friendly and it’s his “little space” in the house, which he just adores.

I should have done it months ago!

Check out what other bloggers are up to in their
homes this week inspired by Buttons by Lou Lou

Monday, May 24, 2010


Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts.

~ Author Unknown

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My weekend in the Countryside

Here are some snaps from my weekend.

It was filled with family, cups of tea, cakes and some vintage shopping.



Monday, May 17, 2010

Speed Babysitting

Guest blog by Rebecca Ackermann from Speed Babysitting

Speed Babysitting

A new service for busy parents to find their perfect babysitter.

Founded in late 2008 Speed Babysitting has grown in baby steps to help busy
parents find the right babysitter for them in a time-efficient way.

Rebecca Ackermann was looking for a job as a babysitter and
even then there were heaps of websites available to find a job but the
whole process was very inconvenient and time consuming.

She thought there must be a better way and when talking to a friend, who had
just attended a Speed Dating event, the idea of Speed Babysitting was born.

What better way to find a babysitter or a family to babysit for,
than meeting a variety of potential candidates at one event,
face to face in a relaxed and safe environment?

The babysitters are highly qualified and experienced and have been pre-interviewed.

Speed Babysitting does its best to match your babysitting
requirements with the babysitters attending the event.

Within two hours you will have talked to several potential candidates,
got a first impression and had time to catch up and chat a little bit longer.
Then, at the end of the night you will walk away with a Speed Babysitting
Resume Booklet, with all the resumes of the attending babysitters.

You can then decide which ones you liked the best and contact them if you wish
for further interviews, reference checks etc or to simply start them babysitting!
And if you get stuck for a babysitter down the track you have a whole booklet to go back to.

And let’s be honest: You cannot have enough backup babysitters!

2 for 1 – Book a spot for the Tuesday 25th May 2010 event and bring a friend for free!

Check out the Speed Babysitting website for more details

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tooth Fairy Bags

Loosing a tooth is really exciting when you're a little kid.

All the wiggling and jiggling.

So much anticipation - even more so when your waiting for the tooth fairy.

When l was little l use to leave my teeth in a glass of water and while
l slept the tooth fairy would magically leave me some silver coins.

I'm sure prices have defiantly gone up since my day and the guys at the
Purl Bee have created the most adorable little Tooth Fairy Bags for the kids.

Designed by the creative Molly Sketchbook you can make
one of these sweet little bags for your little monkey in no time.

That's of course if you love to pick up the needle and thread!

For full instructions on how to sew up these little gems visit The Purl Bee.

It's the perfect place for the tooth fairy to leave the loot!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dining out with baby in Canada

As promised from weeks ago here are my baby friendly finds from overseas.

We dined out in MANY places but l guess these were the stand outs.Not only for their food and service but also for the facilities they had for kids.

Most restaurants in Canada welcome kids with open arms and that usually came in
the form of crayons, activity placemats, colouring books, kid’s menus, highchairs and changing facilities.

I was actually astounded at the amount of changing facilities in restaurants in Canada.

Here were my favourites....

The Canyon Creek Chop House in Niagara Falls

Highchair, changing facilities, activity placemat, crayons and kids menu

The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Highchair, changing facilities, activity placemat, crayons and kids menu

Creperie Chez Suzette Montreal

Highchair, changing facilities, activity placemat, crayons and kids menu

Aux Anciens Canadiens Resturant Quebec

Booster seat, normal menu at kids serving, changing facilities

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We love the CERES Organic Market

CERES Organic Market, with its family-friendly atmosphere, live music,
craft stalls and coffee stand is the heart of the CERES distribution food system.

The Market sells locally produced, affordable organic fruit and vegetables,
sensational sourdough breads, pastries, and CERES famous fresh laid eggs.

All produce is sourced from CERES Honey Lane and Merri Creek market gardens
or from other small sustainable growers and backyard producers around Melbourne.

Each week information on the food-miles of all stock is published, giving shoppers
complete peace of mind that they are supporting local, sustainable food production networks.


While you there why not pop into the CERES Shop, they stock all things eco friendly!

Bulk organic and biodynamic dry goods, greywater-friendly cleaning products,
Fair-trade coffees and teas, Australian-made chocolate, biodynamic wines and
food stuffs made by social food enterprises including the CERES Seven Stars Food Project.


For you craft lovers...
CERES Craft Market focuses on hand-made and recycled items
and offers a bounty of crafts made by local community artists.

Swap your veggies!
The CERES Urban Orchard Project, which has a stall at the market,
is a collection more than 170 households across the inner northern suburbs
of Melbourne who are interested in swapping and sharing the
products grown in their own backyard gardens.


The CERES Organic Market runs every
Wednesday and Saturday

Bundle up the family this weekend for a great outdoor adventure!


Please note: the photos are only for use in the CERES Organic Market event listing in the Hey Bamini website and blog.
Permission must be sought for any other uses.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bella Sistas Espresso

"If you were to drive down busy Toorak Rd and blink you would miss
Bella Sistas, so all the more reason for us to share this little gem with you.

Bella Sistas is a family run cafe with loads of heart and soul.

Staff are very welcoming and friendly, the owner Pino bends over
backwards to help make your dining experience an enjoyable one."

Too see the full review see our website



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