Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Children’s Training Chopsticks

Our little family has a bit soft spot for Asian food. I guess it would be safe to say that we eat Asian food at least once a week. Whether it’s a trip over to Victoria Street for some Vietnamese, a stroll up the road to our local Japanese restaurant to enjoy some fresh sushi or a weekend yum cha lunch in China Town or Box Hill.

Yep we eat it a lot but we are lucky too that Mr 2 loves it just as much as we do. He’s never afraid to try new things and just the other day when he and l ducked in for a quick sushi plate for lunch he had a try of raw fish and octopus. Although he wasn’t a huge fan of it, l was chuffed that he even at least gave it a try and didn’t turn his nose up straight away. He especially loves the steamed dumplings we have at Yum Cha and just recently we bought him some training chopsticks so he can feel like one of the adults.

We purchased them from a little shop in Richmond for a few dollars and now they come with us everywhere in the nappy bag, along with his cafĂ© bag of toys and his Bubbaccino Cup. They are super cute and very easy for him to use. He just stabs a dumpling and snacks away. He did try in vain to use the ‘grown up ‘chopsticks but he is still too young to master these. (I also still struggle some days!) The training chopsticks are great because they are all one piece of cutlery, kind of like a giant pair of plastic tweezers. They have a cute little bear face and are easy to wipe clean with the nappy wipes. Maybe in a few years he will master the adult chop sticks but for now he is happy with his“baby chops chops”

We purchased our Training Chopsticks from Dasio in Richmond for $2.80. You can also buy them online HERE.

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  1. I remember when I taught my little girl how to use chopsticks. Chopsticks sets are available in pairs, often made of wood, but can be equally found in gold, silver, ivory, bamboo and plastic.



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