Friday, November 25, 2011

Five for Friday :: Country Roads Take Me Home

Happy Friday once again. How was your week? Our week was chaotic as always with work, play dates, shopping and of course the odd cafĂ© or two thrown into the mix. So all l’ve been thinking about this week is getting out of the house and getting out of town to get some FRESH country air into the lungs, l need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. So with that inspiration in mind here are FIVE great Out of Town Family Friendly cafes that have good food and make a great day trip destination. Have a great weekend and snuggle the ones you love.

Caldermeade Farm & Cafe

Farm Animals - Fresh Milkshakes - Change Table - Kids Menu

Sunny Ridge Strawberry Cafe

Fresh Strawberries to Pick - Change Table - Kids Menu

Cafe Moby

High Chair - Playground - Babycinos

Courthouse Hotel

Playground - High Chairs - Kids Menu

Royal Mail Hotel

Gourmet Kids Menu - High Chair - Change Table

**Note ** All the Out of Town Cafes have been PERSONALLY Tried and Tested by the Hey Bambini Family. We just don't talk about eating out in the countryside - we do it! xx

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

La Belle Miette

Do you swoon at the thought of macaron’s?

I know l do and l had the opportunity to pop into La Belle Miette after the David Jones Christmas Concert with Mr 3 a few weeks back. It’s in Hardware Lane and only a short walk from the Bourke St Mall. I thought it was a fair compromise, he got to see Peppa Peg and l got to pig-out on sweet French delights. Fair? – yeah l though so too.

La Belle Miette (which means the “beautiful crumb” or, more literally, “beautiful small thing”) is a small French patisserie specialising in macaron’s. It’s a very quaint shop and if you’ve been lucky enough to visit France it’s just like stepping inside a Parisian boutique. The visual merchandising is just beautiful, very eye catching and tastefully done, and of course the glass cabinets are filled with dozens of macaron’s.

Unfortunately l didn’t get to spend as much time as l would have liked pouring over the different flavours of macaron’s, you see Mr 3 had it in his head we were going out for Cup Cakes (yes he is slightly obsessed, but l only have myself to blame really!) So l got the hurry along from him, but the photos are as good as l had hoped. (l borrowed some instead! See below.)

I guess the reason why l’m sharing my experience is because it’s a great little destination shop to pop into if you happen to be in the city this festive season. They do boxes of macaron’s for $15 which gets you 6 of the loveliest things you’ve ever tasted. I thought they would make the PERFECT gift for someone who has everything or even given as an office or mother’s group Kris-Kringle, as the box they come in is very sweet and looks impressive when given.

Hopefully we are going to pop back in for a cheeky macaron soon – maybe l’ll get Mr 3 a cupcake first, just to tide him over while l drool over the macarons.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Boathouse Cafe :: Re-visited

One of our guest writers, the lovely Mel had the chance to re-visit one of our all time favourites a few weeks ago - The Boathouse Cafe in Moonee Ponds.

Let's she how she went....

A perennial favourite with mums and bubs, The Boathouse at Moonee Ponds is still a great place to go. With a sprawling inside room and covered deck, there is plenty of room for prams, whether you want a full lunch or just coffee and cake.

We dropped in this week for a cheeky family lunch, after a last minute invitation. The playground out the front is the major draw card for kids, especially when the weather is nice. Little Miss was disappointed that she might not get to play, given the forecast for thunderstorms, but Melbourne being Melbourne delivered a warm sunny day!

The menu is a step above regular cafe fare, and prices reflect this. For a light lunch, you can’t go past the crispy, thin crust pizza. Topped with marinated artichoke, olives, basil pesto, ricotta and rocket, mine was a winner.

The kids menu has a good selection for the little ones, including pizza, pasta, chicken and chips and a mini burger. There is also a kids dessert menu. Ice cream sundae, anyone?

While the food might be tempting, keeping your little one in the highchairs provided long enough to eat, when the playground is calling, can be a challenge! Maybe a takeaway coffee and muffin is the way to go, especially when your little one is as active as mine.

The change table is still located in the disabled toilet out the back, so it’s accessible from the cafe or the park.

Thanks for sharing Mel, sounded like fun. Oh and here is a cheeky Hey Bambini dining tip for the Boathouse Cafe - BOOKINGS MOST ESSENTIAL!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Five for Friday :: Let's Re-visit Last Year

Here is what we were up to this time last year....(Sorry no 5 for Friday today as we are busy off meeting new Mums and Bloggers at the Bloggers Brunch. Yay!)

But you know where to find all the good stuff right - yes just over HERE.

November 2010

What is a home without children?


~ Henny Youngman

Hope your weekend is filled with laughter and cuddles.


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