Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Road Test :: Denim Baby Little Wrap Bag

Our café hopping family have a new addition in our nappy bag. Well actually it’s not in the nappy bag it’s in Mr 3’s “Café Bag”. I really should explain Mr 3’s café bag. Basically it’s a material string bag made by Nanna for Mr 3, which was originally for books from the library but he has fondly named it his café bag and it comes with us everywhere we go when we go out. It’s filled with cars, trucks and other odds and ends he is currently treasuring. Now he has the Denim Baby Little Wrap Bag to pop inside.

Basically the Denim Baby Little Wrap Bag is a cute little child’s artist pouch which comes with 3 Faber Castell pencils, a mini note pad and a spare pocket for other odds and sods. The pencils are very cute complete with characters all over them. We have a ladybug pencil, a turtle pencil and a puppy dog pencil which Mr 3 LOVES and make puppy sounds while he is drawing. (Please don’t get me to explain what a Ladybug or a Turtle says because from the other side of the table it all just sounds like gibberish to me!)

Because it’s made from denim it’s hard wearing and also washable in case of any accidental babycino spillages. Three pencils are ample for Mr 3 and the pouch also dons a cute space-ship and green alien. He is at the developmental stage of using his "imagination" and likes to make up little stories.

Mr 3 : "The alien has already landed, had some toast and ready to fly back to space in his space-ship Mumma!"

Me : "That's just fab sweet-heart."

WE love it because it an easy light-weight addition to the café bag and it’s another tool to keep him entertained when we dine out as a family.

Want one too?

You can find them HERE.

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