Friday, July 30, 2010

My Twine Obsession

l adore giving gifts.

The best part is "the wrapping" of the gift - well for me anyway.

l 've always collected all different kinds of ribbons, papers and
cards for my gifts over the years and my cupboard is always brimming
with all sorts of fun colours, textures and designs.

I've recently discovered Bakers Twine

It's simple and looks fantastic teamed with basic brown paper.

Just perfect for any special occasion!

Monday, July 19, 2010

We Love Jai Bows

Michaela Correia is the creator of Jai Bows and
the mother of beautiful one year old Jaiden Bella.

Jaiden was born with NO hair so she has been wearing a bow
or flower on her head since she was only just a few hours old!

Michaela was visiting her family in Texas over Christmas one
year and purchased several bows for Jaiden at a local store.

When Michaela arrived back in Melbourne she was inspired to make her own
bows and started playing around with various fabrics, ribbons and fake flowers.

After several attempts she was able to find a way to make a beautiful and
durable hair accessory for bubba - this was when Jai Bows was born!

Jaiden can pull and tug it- which she often does- and it will still keep its shape.
She is always wearing a bow either on her beanie or headband,

so people started asking me to make them for their little princesses.
I love coming up with new creations, mixing and matching different colours.
The bows are great for any age!

Jai Bows are suitable for all ages with bows being
made for newborns all the way up to 12 year olds!

Jai Bows are for the everyday princess... because she can't always wear her tiara!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Toys Toys Toys

We've been out and about loads in the last few
weeks checking out new spots to add to the site.

I've been trying to fine tune our reviews and only list cafes
that have at least three of our five requirements which are

* Highchairs*
*Toys - Books - Crayons or Play area*
*Children's Menu*
*Changing Facilities*
*Room to move the Pram*

l want to make your trips out with baby worthwhile and
not just throw up every cafe onto the site that l just happen to visit.

Just because the staff "are lovely" doesn't really make it "baby friendly" in my book
- it helps, but mums need and want the little added extras to make the visit special.

So with a lot of fine tuning you may have seen some cafes
disappear from our site and some new ones added.

I'm still working through all of our listed cafes and re-reviewing is a
process that takes time so hold that thought of emailing me
- as l know there are a few on the site that don't meet the standard criteria yet.

Hey I'm only a one women show and a girl can only do so much during the day!
I have mouths to feed, beds to make and floors to scrub as well you know!

Having said that l still want to share with you places that have one
or two baby friendly features on my blog - just to be fair to them!

So here are some of my favourite places from the last few
weeks that have the most excellent selection of TOYS to play with.

Just the thing to entertain the wee ones while you eat.

Red Box Cafe
Basket of toys with a small blackboard for drawing
Highchairs Available

Each Peach
Brunswick East
Vintage toys complete with dolls house and baby pram
One very vintage Highchair

Penny Royal
Brunswick West
Just toys - and a fine box of toys too!

Jelly Bread Cafe
Toys and Books
One very vintage Highchair
Very cosy little cafe - leave the pram at home!

Little Captain
St Kilda East
Blackboard to draw located in the courtyard
Another cosy spot - forget the pram.

North Island
North Fitzroy
Large Indoor Blackboard
Cosy and trendy

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We love Little Innoscents

If you’re looking for an organic baby powder for your
little one then look no further than Little Innoscents.

They have a new Organic Baby Powder that’s completely
talc free, 100% naturally pure and free from toxins.

This powder provides long lasting protection against
moisture that can cause odour, itching and chafing.

It’s hypo-allergenic so you can use it every
day to make little ones feel clean and fresh.

My little monkey man just loves having a bit of powder on
his bottom - especially after a lovely warm bath at night.

It’s an easy product to add to your routine and won’t cost
the earth to buy like some organic powders on the market.

We love it and so will you!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Us!

It’s so amazing to reach such a good little milestone.

The Hey Bambini website is ONE year old this month.

We have been online for exactly one year and what a year it has been!

In our first year we have seen dozens of muffins pass our lips,
countless cups of coffee, hot chocolates and babycino consumed
and plenty of delicious lunches and brunches have been eaten and enjoyed.

I hate to say it as it’s such a cliché but “what a journey” it has been!
I could not have even imaged the success or the positive
response that the site has received in its first year.
I’ll admit l was hesitant about launching the website and
the idea had been floating around in my head for years.
Sometimes you just have to go for it and luckily I’m a
gambling woman and all my hard work seems to be paying off!

Thanks to my family for your patience and support.
A big thanks to my hubby for being dragged around to
every cafe in Melbourne when you’d rather be watching
sport on the couch or at the “track” on your weekends off!

Thanks to my son who is my daily inspiration, everyday you grow
and make me laugh and l adore seeing the world through your eyes.

But the people l really want to thank is my dear loyal followers and subscribers.

I set myself a goal when l first started and it’s
exceeded all expectations with the help of all of you.
Thanks to the mums who take the time to email me thoughts, stories
and general “chit chat” about their dining out experiences.
Thanks to all the business‘s who have supported us with products,
advertising and exposure – we couldn’t of done it without you!
Thanks to all the cafe owners for being so lovely and letting a
crazy women take endless photos of your gorgeous establishments!

It has been so much fun and the Hey Bambini website grows each day.
From the countless emails from mums to the endless feedback
from cafe owners, the community within the site is just amazing.

When a mum takes the time to email me l am filled with
to read that when she taken her baby out for the first
time her experience has been stress free - all

thanks to our cafe recommendations on our site.

It has been an amazingly wonderful experience so stay
tuned for more exciting adventures and our second year
will be as just as fun and exciting as the first – we have BIG plans!


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