Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bambini hits the streets

It's nearly been a month and we’ve managed to visit more than 20 cafes in Melbourne. We've also conducted a few cheeky field trips out of town as well. It's been a hard job but someone had to do it. We've enjoyed creamy coffees, scrummy breakies, tasty lunches and who could forget afternoon tea.

Most cafes have been more than accommodating for kids, with even a few places being the answer to mother’s group Mecca!!

We’ve had fun visiting a variety of establishments and seeing that they welcome kids with open arms while providing quirky entertainment to amuse them. Its nice knowing that mum can take a well deserved break and enjoy a coffee in relative peace.

We’ve seen some fabulous changing room facilities and some not so good – we’ve had excellent parking and some terrible (how many times can you go around the block before you give up!!) Hey Bambini has done all the hard yards for you. Just click on the café your interested in and we’ll give you all the info you need to have a stress free outing

Because we have stumbled across such a large number of great places we’ve decided to go bigger than a blog. Stay tuned as we are developing an easy to use web site that offers quick information for mums and dads.

Stay tuned…….xo

P.S Cheeky tip before the weekend is thru – visit North Island @111 Scotchmer St Fitzroy Nth – Great feature wall that is a giant blackboard to amuse your kids while you eat – you never know you may have a junior Picasso on your hands.

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