Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Joy Cupcakes

The two boys and l had a lovely little outing to the city last week.

Mummy had some grown up appointments to go to and Mr 2 was very well behaved, so he got to have a cupcake a Joy Cupcakes on Exhibition St.

We got the Mini Banana and the Chocolate Marshmallow cupcakes. And dare l write it - but they were 'yummo!'

They were a real treat - although Mr 2 wanted to run around and touch every possible item he could get his little hands on - so we quickly ate and left. (It was THAT time of the day when toddlers turn from sweet smiling faces to pure tantrum evil!!)

They had a great little selection - they even have gluten free, nut free and vegan cupcakes on the menu. From Carrot to Cinnamon Sugar and Rhubarb to Toffee Apple my mouth was watering and l had to call upon my "will power" not to buy a dozen.

Highly recommend a visit next time you're in the city. Because...

"Everyone deserves a little Joy in their day"

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