Thursday, July 28, 2011

Malaysia Kitchen Australia

Coffee, cake and brunch are some of the MANY things that the Hey Bambini team gets to dabble in weekly, and when l say 'team' l mean my 2 son's, hubby and myself - huge team hey! My main passion and number one focus is finding child friendly cafes for families to experience and enjoy.

So when l was approached to be a Malaysian Kitchen Ambassador l was immediately intrigued, excited and thrilled that l was asked. You see l know LOADS about cafes but no so much about the Malaysian cuisine. l love eating Asian food (Japanese and Vietnamese are my personal favourites) - in fact they're high on the list of things that l enjoy to eat, but l haven't eaten a lot of Malaysian food. Sure l backpacked around Malaysia 10 years ago and enjoyed the food, but heaven help me if l can remember what l ate! Our diet at that time was mainly a 'liquid' diet if you get my drift...

Monday night was launch night at the Malaysian restaurant Laksa Me in Chinatown. l adore walking into Chinatown, the amazing cooking smells that float down the street get my mouth watering in an instant. At the restaurant l got to met some fellow Malaysian Kitchen Ambassadors which included the lovely Megan, Christine, Carly, Candice and Karen who also have fabulous and inspiring blogs. (Pop on over for a cheeky peek!)

Our delicious banquet had us literally all rolling out the door and Chef Allan Woo was a delightful soul. Allan was only too happy to share with his passion and stories of Malaysian food, which l found fascinating. Allan touched on a brief history about Malaysia as a country and of course all the lovely ingredients that go into traditional Malaysian dishes. I enjoyed seeing his passion for cooking and hearing about all the different cooking processes and the love that goes into his Malaysian food.

It was truly inspiring and l can't WAIT to get out there and try some more Malaysian food. So as a newly appointed Malaysian Kitchen Ambassador l order thee to go forth and experience with me the colourful, the spicy and the delicious world of Malaysian food! Oh wait a moment - l'd love to bring you all along to each and every restaurant l get to try but sadly l cannot. So stay tuned for my adventures, they say you eat with your eyes so l will be bringing to you loads of lovely foodie snaps and details of all the Malaysian restaurants we get to experience and enjoy, hopefully some family friendly!


  1. YUM - My shout if you take me out for Malaysian!

  2. Great post! It was such a good night, and I loved hearing from the chef too - fascinating stuff.

    Can't wait to go out for more yummy food!

  3. Hey :) Thank you for the shout out, and letting me know on twitter last week. SO SORRY it's taken me this long to get over here to comment! Our first outing will be the weekend after next. I can't wait!



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