Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Road Test :: JO Tracks by Sweet Georgie Pie

Well it’s definitely the silly season at our place. There is not a morsel of food in the fridge because we have been hopping around from christmas party to christmas party. Yes the pants are starting to get a little tight and the kids are being loaded up with cheap plastic toys like there’s no tomorrow. I must say though with all this running around, the kids are holding up a treat. We’ve endured some long car rides, extended meals at relative’s homes and dined out at a handful of cafes and restaurants. Of course l have to plan ahead with the entertainment department with Mr 3. As much as he likes hanging out with the adults and putting on a show he does get a little bored thus resulting in me needing to find things for him to do. That’s where the wonderful JO Tracks by Sweet Georgie Pie come into the picture.

Mr 3 being a young boy is obsessed with cars and trucks, as all young fellas are and the best way l’ve found that keeps him busy is by pulling out the JO Tracks from the nappy bag. JOT who? Well let me enlighten you. Basically the JO Tracks is a light weight portable play mat which folds out to a super cool racing track, it even comes with mini garages to store the cars. The track has pictures of colourful roundabouts, a petrol station, car parks and even a toy store! The imagination certainly gets a work out here. It’s been a god-send to pull out and it’s had a few runs at various cafes, a 70th birthday and a Christmas function. Mr 3 loves it and always brings different cars along to play with. It can be propped up on a table or used on the ground but the best thing is that is fits right into the nappy bag - actually it’s about the same weight and size of a medium nappy. I guess my favourite feature is that being made from plastic makes it easy to clean and neatly folds away into any size nappy bag, making it instant entertainment. We’ve really enjoyed road-testing the JO Tracks, well Mr 3 especially, l’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet it’s given me, I’ve even been about to finish a coffee and a sandwich without being interrupted, now that’s priceless!

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