Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mini Review :: Cafe Greco :: Chapel St

Hello! How is everyone? We are super busy with life, house cleaning, play dates and café hopping around Melbourne in search for the best family friendly spots. This week we have more eating out adventures shared by the lovely Mel. On this adventure Mel swings past Chapel St with the wee ones for some shopping and of course a slice of cake at Café Greco

560 Chapel Street South Yarra       
Monday to Sunday, 9am to late

After a long day of shopping on the Chapel Street strip, some refuelling via coffee and cake might be needed. This large café up the Toorak Road end has plenty of options for the sweet tooth, being known for their impressive selection of rich and decadent cakes and slices.

Being such a big space, there is plenty of room for prams and kids to manoeuvre. Sitting up the front in the booths is great for people watching, but not so good for wandering little ones who would prefer to be outside!  I spent most of my time stopping the now mobile Little Man from wandering out the door. The raised seating area out the back would be better for large groups who need a bit more space or for those of you who want to keep the kids contained. With nothing available to entertain the kidlets, you might need to bring an emergency supply of toys or drawing tools to allow you to eat in peace!

The food treads the fairly standard café fare of breakfasts and lunches, including croissants, eggs any which way, foccacia’s, pizza, salads and some more substantial main meals. There isn’t a kids’ menu specifically, but the little ones are likely to find something to munch on anyway. Little Miss devoured my ham, cheese and tomato croissant, while leaving me with the smartie cookie, minus the smarties!

High chairs are available for little ones and there is a changetable in the disabled toilet, although it is a bit cumbersome to get to the loos, which are through a side door.

All in all, a good place for a caffeine and sugar fix with the little ones in tow, but better for those with wee ones still in the pram.

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