Monday, June 18, 2012

Adventures of a Fatty Boomba

Cumulus Inc.      

Our dining out adventures this week has been without the kids. How lucky are we! We haven’t really been out after dark or on a weekend lunch for weeks by ourselves so we got on the phone to all of our babysitters and coordinated a week a fun activities just for us.

Sunday:: First stop was a delightful boozy lunch at Cumulus Inc. I don’t need to bang on about how good the food is here because the name speaks for itself and it has a fabulous reputation in Melbourne for delivering fantastic food.  The wine was sublime and so were the fresh olives, roasted brussel sprouts (my favourite!), soft shell crab and eggplant salad. Afterwards we took in a show.  l’m not even going to tell you about it because in a word it was crap. So there.

Tuesday :: Next on the list for the week was to use a gift voucher that has been sitting on the fridge quietly expiring in all its glory. Yep love getting a voucher for Christmas gifts; it’s just hard to find the time to use them. So we trotted off to Richmond Larder and Café for a wine and cheese workshop. Mr Bambini was in cheese heaven, me -  l’m basically a sweet tooth but enjoyed it all the same. It’s a good little workshop for those who have a slight cheese obsession. In all we tried 8 different cheese and 8 different wines to match. And amazingly enough we still went out for some bar snacks at Kumo afterwards. Who’d have thought we had more room for food. At Kumo we snacked on salmon sushi, Japanese potato salad (OMG this salad is a flavour sensation:: highly rec to order!) and threw down a few more beverages - No wonder l can’t budge these winter kilos!


Richmond Hill Cafe and Larder

Friday :: We had tickets to the new NGV exhibition Napoleon. Very excited. I wouldn’t say l’m a full on art wanker but like to have a cheeky peak of what’s new in town if the opportunity arises. Mr Bambini however is a horse wanker and happened to get his hands on two tickets to an evening with Napoleon through the VRC. We arrived right on time and 5 French champagnes later l was doing the frenchy shuffle around the gallery. They had a bit of finger food on offer but not enough to curb Mr Bambini’s appetite, so off we went, on a tipsy wander into the city in search of eats. We were that light headed that we actually believed and thought we’d have a crack at getting into Mamasita. (In the words of Darryl Kerrigan – "Tell them they're dreaming!)  We were dreaming. Rocking up at 9.30pm we were told we’d get a table at 11pm. Ok….. Plan B it is. Which was an excellent Plan B.   Hello Casa Ciuccio on Gertrude St!! Four weeks young this tapas bar is the perfect place to grab some Mediterranean bar snacks and throw down some local wines. It hit the spot as we didn’t want a massive meal, just a bit of a nibble. Great vibe. Friendly fun staff and smooth Latin tunes played at Casa Ciuccio. We’ll be back for sure.

NGV :: Napoleon
All in all we had a great week of eating, although l am now paying for it and getting my lard ass out for daily walks to work it all off. Hope our adventures have given you some dining inspiration for your next date night.

What about the wee ones!?? Well some of these places do cater for the wee ones...

Richmond Hill Café and Larder :: A change table is located in the ladies toilet but you have to climb two sets of stairs to get there. Not ideal for prams.

Kumo :: High Chairs and Sunday afternoon lunch for families

NGV :: Kids Corner and a basic café with tiny eats

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