Friday, July 27, 2012

Inside The Bambini Household :: Mr Bambini’s Epic Fail Saturday

We like a bit of drama round these parts and l thought let’s have a sneak peek into one of our manic days at the Bambini house. It’s not that riveting but at least you get to hear all about Mr Bambini’s “disaster day!!”

4am :: Mr 2 decides he wants cuddles and milk so I’m up and down for the next 2.5 hours. He wants to be in his bed then our bed, back to his bed then back into our bed. Mr Bambini admits defeat  by 6.45am and gets up with both boys leaving me to sleep in til 8am. Although it’s not solid sleep, l drift in and out as the kids run up and down the hallway, proceed to argue over the Ipad and demand breakfast. Mr 3 is allowed to have “technology time” for 1 hour a day, although he has no concept of what 1 hour really is yet and we only give him around 30 minutes. Although an hour sounds impressive and lengthy to a 3 year old and it’s good to set up that time limit at an early age.

8am :: Get up. Kids happily eating breakfast and hubby ironing shirt for the races, we’re heading to Flemington today (**drone** not in the mood yet!) The kitchen is an absolute mess from the previous night’s dinner and Chinese take-away containers, scattered beer bottles,  plates and god knows what else are all strewn over the bench tops. Choose to ignore until showered.

8.05am :: Jump in shower then overcome with the smell of bleach. (**drone!!!) Mr Bambini must have got all domestic this morning and bleached the roof in the bathroom – we have a crappy mould problem, yuck! Enjoying the peace until Mr 2 swings open the door and the 2 children proceed to run in an out of the bathroom. Then l hear the sound of the glass laundry door being kicked. Jump out of shower all wet and fly into the laundry to find Mr 3 administering Kung-Fu to the all glass door. Yell at him then return to the bathroom to dry myself. Throw hair up. No time for make-up this morning.

8.20am :: Get back in PJ’s and do the dishes. Make Chai Tea. Switch off that dreaded talk back garden show and turn it over to the MyMP. (Daggy but true!) Mr Bambini offers me the left over Chinese for breakfast (NO WAY!) and proceeds to warm it up and demolish it. (I think l just vomited in my mouth while writing that!) Rock out to one of my all-time fave songs and finish dishes.

8.45am :: Dress. Remove stubby top from the mouth of Mr 2. (“Not a fun thing to chew on sweet-heart”) Mr Bambini tells me I’m pretty (He knows I’m grumpy!) Finish the last of the banana bread and head out the door to soccer class with Mr 2 in tow.

9am :: Arrive at Soccer with all the other blurry eyed parents. Proceed to run around with 20 other 2 year olds like a crazy women and half way through the class Mr Bambini calls to inform me he has locked himself out of the house. What wonderful news!
Epic fail score for the morning Me :: 0 Mr Bambini :: 1

9.45am Finish class and call Mr Bambini. He has retreated to Small Block Cafe and is waiting for me to come home. I get him to order me a coffee while also telling him how absent minded he is. Mr 3 has now missed out on attending his karate class but is compensated with gingerbread and strawberry milk.

10am :: Home. Mr 2 down for nap. Mr 3 watches ABC2. Mr Bambini can’t find our VCR member passes for the races then realises his left them at his sister’s house. She just happens to be holidaying in France with her new boyfriend.
Epic fail score for the morning Me :: 0 Mr Bambini :: 2

10.15am :: Mr Bambini drives down to Fitzroy to break into sister’s house with his Mum to look for VRC passes. On the way he calls his sister in France to ask them where his passes are. It’s 2am in France. Sister not impressed. I dress for the races and we manage to get out of the house with kids and passes by 11.30am. I think l’ve scrubbed up all right. Mr Bambini makes fun of my neck scarf.

11.40am :: Drop kids off. Proceed to races. I have a grand day and have a collect on every race except one. Mr Bambini has no wins and proceeds to get wasted with friends.

5pm:: Mr Bambini swaggers down to the car park then realises he’s lost his NEW Country Road woollen scarf and members pass.
Epic fails  score for the day Me :: 0 Mr Bambini :: 3.

5.30pm :: Collect children and go home to eat dinner which is Nona’s homemade pizza. (BLESS!  You looked after my kids all day and made us dinner!) Mr Bambini passes out on the couch while l pop Mr 2 to bed.

6.30pm :: Mr 3 and l decide to watch a family movie while Mr Bambini snores loudly on the couch. We eat Mamee snacks and Babybel Cheese from the Bloggers Brunch. Mr 3 jumps on Mr Bambini a bit :: no response.

8.00pm:: Pop Mr 3 to bed.  Mr Bambini still passed out on the couch. Throw a crochet blanket over him and leave the TV on softly. I retreat to the bedroom to read blogs on the Ipad.

9pm:: Sleepy time for me!

11.30pm:: Mr Bambini wakes from his beer infused sleep and comes to bed.

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  1. Not all too dissimilar to weekends at my place!!



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