Friday, August 24, 2012

Road Test :: Kambrook Cupcake Maker

Cupcakes in 7 minutes.

Yes you read correctly.

Delicious fluffy cupcakes in 7 sweet minutes.

How can this be done l hear you ask.  Well you need to get your hands on a Kambrook Little Chefs Angel Cupcake maker of course!

The folks at Kambrook have certainly outdone themselves this time and are the ones behind this wonderful invention. We’ve been lucky enough to give one a workout thanks to the Bloggers Brunch. And may l just add it’s been getting a real work-out here in the Bambini kitchen.

We are simply addicted to cupcakes in this house.

The machine is very simple to use and of course to clean. With its non-stick surface you can whip up a batch of cupcakes and have it all clean with a damp cloth in around 30 minutes.  Of course this depends on how many batches you are making and don’t forget your preparation time.

A standard pre-bought cake mix makes around 21 cupcakes. There is room to make seven cupcakes at one time and the cooking time is 7 minutes per batch.  The cupcakes are the perfect size for lunch boxes and little hands. You could even bake up a batch and pop them into the freezer.

The only negative thing l can say about the Kambrook Little Chefs Angel Cakes Cupcake Maker is that it’s not good for the waist line! Now there is only 7 minutes standing in the way of me and baked goodness.

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  1. Great review. Who couldn't love cupcakes in 7 minutes.



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