Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Mr 4

Dear Mr 4,

I love that you’ve turned into a real little person, who l can chat with over a vanilla milkshake. You’re so grown up now and we can chat about all sorts of wonderful things.

I love that you stay seated at the dining table when we go out and that you like to look over the menu, even though you can’t read.

l love that you have your own tastes and dislikes, and l especially love that you like to try new things, you might not always like them, but at least you give it a go. You always say so sweetly to me “I want a crack of that” and we happily let you.

I love your passion for colouring and crayons, and that they have to come everywhere with us when we have dinner out. Your little tongue always shows off your concentration levels by sticking out, and some days you focus so much l think you’re going to bite it right off! It really is tricky stuff this colouring.

Thanks for not running around screaming your lungs outs in a confined café space and thanks for not taking off down the street while I’m trying to pay the nice lady.

Thanks for being a good boy when we go out, it really is the little things that make your mumma happy and they mean a lot to me. 

Love Mum xo

P.S Bet you 100 bucks as soon as l post this the next time we’re out at a restaurant you’re gonna misbehave and flick food onto our neighbouring table.  Not one for pending doom but this easy street thing has to run out sooner or later yeah? xx

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