Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eating Out With Kids in Perth

Back in March this year our little family had the pleasure of having a mini–break in Perth.
The kids and l really had a great time exploring the local haunts while hubby trotted off to his daily conference. It’s a very clean city with all the latest mod-cons like good quality shops, friendly locals and an easy to use public transport system. The kids and l got to check out the Western Australia Museum, the Art Gallery and the State library which all had special kid’s corners that they enjoyed ripping through.  And of course we did some eating out and here are some of my favourite spots we visited. 

Our tour guide!

Little Creatures
High Chairs – Change Table – Kids Menu – Play Area
In my mind this spot is the ultimate venue to take the kids for a seaside lunch. We were lucky enough to get a table out on the deck, which overlooked the sea and the semi enclosed sandpit. While Mr Bambini and l sipped on local brews the kids had a wonderful time playing with all the truck, cars, buckets and spades in the sandpit. The kids menu on offer was super and tempted their taste buds with dishes like tasty fish n chips (with salad!) pizza’s and pasta. For dessert they do a simple scoop of ice-cream, which is always a crowd pleaser with my boys. Little Creatures have a change table and high chairs on site with loads of room for the pram. The day we visited it was jam-packed with families soaking up the sun, ales and good eats.  Our favourite feature was the sandpit, Mr Bambini and l actually got to have a conversation while the kids happily played next to our table.

Mr 2 LOVING the Sandpit at Little Creatures

Arirand Korean BBQ
High Chairs – Kids Menu
This restaurant was a hit with our family, not only for the food but for the laid back vibe. If the kids are into different flavours then this place is for you. With a special kids menu, highchairs and friendly staff this place is a must visit for quick and cheap eats. We got a few entrées and noodle dishes to share between us and then ordered the kids meals. The kids enjoyed honey chicken with rice plus a glass of juice. It was a no brainer place to visit and found all the dishes really tasty and fresh.

The Botanical Café
High Chairs – Change Table – Play Area
The Botanical Café is amazing spot to visit if you’re into views, as it takes in the whole Perth sky line, which is so tiny compared to Melbourne, but gorgeous all the same. Set in Kings Park this modern café gives off a casual friendly vibe with quick service and seasonal eats on the menu. For the kids they have high chairs and a change table. As for eats they don’t have a specific menu, but do offer dishes which would be suitable. For breakfast the kids and l shared a plate of fruit toast along with fresh fruit salad while Mr Bambini smashed down some poached eggs, bacon and avocado. On the entertainment side of things – well you’re in Kings Park, which has LOADS of room to run and play.

Mini Milkshakes at The Botanical

High Chairs – Toys – Kids Menu – Park Nearby
If you’re into loving the locals, then this suburban café with a chilled atmosphere is for you. The menu is stock standard and nothing jumped out of me to indicate they do something special here, but the staff were laid back and the beer was cold. They serve up all your traditional breakfast and lunch options and for the kids they had a basket of toys and high chairs. Cranked are also conveniently located next to a park – need l say more!

Giving the toys a workout at Cranked Cafe

Miss Maud – City Arcade
High Chairs – Parents Room Located in Shopping Centre
Hello morning tea! I felt like l had travelled back to the 80’s and was sitting in a Denny’s type department store diner, it was totally fun. Miss Maud (LOVE the name!!) is a bakery cum café cum diner. They serve toasted cheese, fresh sandwiches, soup of the day and of course they have a wide range of cakes and pastries on offer. We grabbed a couple of cupcakes here and they were a hit with Mr 4 and my Chai latte was spicy and sweet. For the kids they offered high chairs and sweet treats like gingerbread, cupcakes, biscuits and more. Cupcakes are the perfect thing to temp any moody toddler out of a public tantrum.

Please note: While l found Perth to be amazing l didn’t like their prices when it came to eating out. A simple coffee at some places came to $4! Which I thought was a little pricey – especially black coffee straight up, which is Mr Bambini’s poison of choice. And a bottle of water cost me $5 at another venue. You’ve been warned people! Have fun. xx

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