Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There's No Place Like Home


Well hello gorgeous readers.

I send out my most sincere apologies for my recent absence. It would seem that l’ve been (in the word of Ned Flanders) a bit of a “neglecterino” of late when it comes to the up-keep of my humble blog.

It’s not to say l’m not thinking about blogging, l think about it every day! No it’s more of a time factor for me at the moment.

You see at the start of the year we decided to demolish our quintessential Brunswick town house and replace it with a sparkly new one.

My last blog post was around September. (Boo Hoo!)

Since then all my spare time has been thrown into getting the house finished by Christmas.

Fingers crossed.

Since September l’ve spent many hours in bed shops, lighting shops, carpet shops, furniture shops AND have spent countless hours online researching ridiculous things like shower curtain rods, brick tuck pointing,  how to clean brass, which front loader is the best  and functional storage solutions just to name a few.

I’m REALLY looking forward to moving in and decorating it. But what I’m looking forward to the most is our new home office, which is where  I will be able to throw myself back into my passion, which is my blog and of course writing about eating out with my kids.

We’re still out and about and you can always follow me on Instagram for all the latest snaps.

This renovation has also turned me into a Pinterest junkie so l’m hanging out over there a lot too.

Is anyone else out there renovating?

Would love to hear if you are.

Stay tuned and we’ll be back soon, l promise!!

Love Jolie x

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