Wednesday, April 2, 2014

School Holiday Bucket List

I can’t believe my little man has completed Term One of Foundation already. Did that go quickly for everyone else too? It will be really nice to spend two weeks with him, although l could be eating my words by the end of the two weeks.

I’m especially looking forward to not being out the door by 8.30am. Not that we’ll be sleeping in but l believe there will be a pajama day thrown into the mix these school holiday along with a few other activities.

Have you got a school holiday bucket list?

Visit Grandma and Grandpa on the farm

Bake Easter treats

See a movie and eat loads of fresh popcorn

Visit a Kid Friendly café

Have lunch with Daddy in the city

Get a fancy new haircut

Visit the Dentist

PJ day at home

Try a new crafty activity

Visit the Little Melbourne website for outing inspiration

Spring Clean Bedrooms, Toys and Books

Have a picnic lunch at a new park


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