Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Country Air!

We ventured out of town on the weekend. It was nice to get away from the big smoke. On the list of things to do was to find some little "gems" in the countryside and to pop onto the website - and we found three! They will be on the site very soon but here are a few snaps to keep you going. What a lovely weekend of good company, good food and a cheeky wine or two.....
Ciao for now!

Photos are from The Flying Teapot Cafe in Ballan


  1. I love all of your pictures.
    From Emma Sweet Things

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  3. dear Hey Bambini.
    Thank you for your E-mail. I don't have any more Bluebrid products at the moment but I am planning some for the future.
    The other things I sell are my Necklaces which are on my Blog.
    From Emma Sweet Things

  4. This place is beautiful! I took my daughter there for her friends fifth birthday. The party room is so 'kitch', vintage floral fabric flags were hung to each corner from the centre chandelier, high ceiling, pink walls, a fire place with (amongst many other ornaments) a large gold colour cupid, mismatched 1950s vinyl chairs.... the table was set up SO CUTE with different crockery (it was a tea party) and different dress ups hung on each chair for every little guest. They were served sandwiches, teddy bear biscuits decorated in pink icing, cupcakes on three tiered stands and the teapots were filled with strawberry milk..... then the girls played in the front garden decorated with mosaic art. Thank-you Miss 5 (Abbey) for inviting Eleanor to your tea party, I will undoubtedly visit here again. :) ....... andthe coffee was very nice too, thanks, :)



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