Monday, October 12, 2009

Out and About

l had a moment this morning while peddling my little legs off at the gym. I visit so many great cafes in this beautiful city it seems such a shame not to list all of the ones we try regardless of being "Baby Friendly" Although that is the aim of the whole website, l thought l can still share some little gems with you through the blog. So if you out and about on foot this week in the north side of town try these little beauties.

For a coffee made to perfection pop into Enoteca Sileno. While your there you can pick up some great imported oils, sweets and wine all from Italy. A little pricey but truly an indulgent experience.

If your in the mood for something that involves pastry try Filou's Patissier in Carlton. The smell of freshly cooked bread, cakes and pies is hard to resist. Throw the diet out the window and enjoy a savoury croissant followed by a strawberry tart.

And finely, if your looking for a yummy Middle Eastern-Spanish influenced lunch look no further than Julio tucked away in the back streets of North Fitzroy.

They are all great but if your driving the "big" pram they are a little squeezy and also there no change facilities for little bums at any of the cafes.

We did however visited Kamel on the weekend in Albert Park which was AMAZING! So keep watch for that review to hit the website very soon.

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  1. What has happened to Filou's? I can't find out anything online! Went there for a pastry and its all boarded up :(



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