Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beach Holiday Adventures

Well we are back.
Those long weekends are just not long enough sometimes.

The family and l flew up to Sydney on Thursday afternoon and l must say l was a tad nervous as it was my sons first plane trip. Before l had children l was the one in the cue at the airport staring at the screaming children who where boarding my flight and quietly praying they wouldn't be sitting behind me.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

Taking a deep breath - we boarded

l managed to smuggle two new toys into my handbag so he would have something FRESH and exciting to play with and it worked like a charm. Then after we took off he fell asleep.


He was an angel - l know l'm bias but he was - thank god, and here l was breathing into a paper bag for nothing.

So the Hey Bambini tip....
Buy a new toy for on the plane!

Now we didn't manage to find any baby friendly cafes - but we did manage to clean out the local op shop with an amazing find of 40 vintage children's books for next to nothing!

l was just a little bit excited.
Lame l know.

In the coming weeks we hope to head south of the city, if you have any favourite cafes - please share them with us.

Enjoy the rain!


  1. I ADORE op shops and I especially love finding things that I had when I was a little girl. If getting excited about great finds is lame then I'm lame too, ha, ha. We're not travelling by plane for our Chrissy holidays, we're going on a road trip! I have 2 daughters, Miss 5 & Miss 2: hope the 'new toy trick' works just as well in the car..... any more tips? :)

  2. No tips l can think off the top of my head! Will keep you posted. Drive safely. xo



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