Monday, December 14, 2009

Va Piano in Brunswick East

l know we keep doing a lot of "North" cafes but they just keep popping up like mushrooms!

Va Piano caught my eye weeks ago and we finally paid a visit.

My partner in crime and l opted for breakfast and it was delicious!
We both ordered the baked eggs and they were amazing! Cooked to perfection.

Va Piano is very small and seats less than 16 - so ladies visit the "powder room" before leaving home. And in having said that, sadly there is not much room for bub either.

This week l also found out a useless fact for you all.
If a cafe has less than 16 seats - legally they don't have to provide toilet facilities.
l had no idea.

Va Piano should be high on your list if your flying solo - with smooth coffee and yummy Italian influenced snacks from panini's to wraps with all your usual trimmings.

Mosey on in for delicious rewards and leave the kids at home.

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