Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let's fly away Baby!!

**Airline tips**
As you all know we have recently returned from an overseas trip.

Long haul flights are painful no matter what your age.

Taking a baby on a plane can be quite a challenge but if your organised
it can be a stress free experience that the whole family can enjoy.

Whether you are planning on jetting half way around the world or
just a few hours away here are some tips on how to deal with the airlines.


Always call your airline before you fly to double
check they know you're coming with a little one.

l recommend calling the airline a week
in advance to check and confirm your booking.

When you call the airline to confirm your
booking you can also request the following things - if available.

**Bassinet for Baby**
**Food for Baby**
**What you can take aboard for Baby**

The Bassinet

If your baby weighs under 11kg and is under
2 years of age they can sleep in a provided bassinet.

You need to book the bassinet.

Also keep in mind to that although you have booked the
bassinet it can go to a younger child on board
if they have limited numbers available.

There is no guarantee

What's for lunch Mum?

If your baby is on solids you are able to request a
special children's meal for them - if available.

Jetstar and other cheaper airlines do not provide meals.

Meals are simple and often healthy choices.
For breakfast my bubba was offered cereal, yogurt, juice and fruit.

Also most airlines have spare fruit, dry biscuits and cheese available.

All airlines provide bottled water.

What can Mum take on board for me?

You can't take on fresh milk.
Airline security won't let you through.
Powered milk is fabulous.
Your local pharmacy sells powdered milk in sachets, so stock up!

The big airlines have fresh milk on board
and do provide it in some cases.

Please don't bank on getting fresh milk - once again there is no guarantee.

With the new rules these days one person
can only take on liquids that are under 100ml.

I was allowed up to 10 x 100mls - although l didn't take anywhere near that amount.

Most baby food will get through security as long as it is under 100ml.
Make sure it's sealed and showing the branded label.
Don't take on your own homemade mush - it just wont get through.

Medications such as Panadol, cough mixture and other medicines
are allowed on board as long as they are under
100ml and clearly labeled and in a sealed plastic bag.

If you require to take on medication that is over 100ml
you need a written letter by your doctor outlining
the reason for the medication and type of medication.


Hopefully now you can sit back and relax - a little!
Stay tuned for...
What to pack in baby's carry on luggage.


**Please take note**

This is only a guide of what l personally experienced.
Airline procedures CAN and DO change all the
time so please call them to clarify any worries or concerns.

**If you're not confident with the information the customer service operator
provides on the other end when calling the airline - just call
back and talk to another consultant (I did!)**

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  1. Super tips! Any insider info to make a plane flight easier with a bub is welcome info!
    Hope your return home hasn't been too hard...



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