Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's get Packing Baby!

It's always fun to pack for a holiday.

The packing part is easy - it's the unpacking l hate.

So when the time comes to pack up baby and head overseas or interstate
on a jet plane here are some tips and tricks to help you on your way.

This is only a guide of what l packed for my "carry on luggage'

I found all the items
very useful for the age of my child which is 16 months

One medium size carry on suitcase or bag

A spare change of clothes – track pants and top, t-shirt and socks – don’t put baby in jeans.

One grow suit for night time.
I found changing my baby when it was time
for bed settled him better as he knows this routine.

One dry face washer in a sealed plastic bag for cleaning grubby hands and faces

One large pack of wipes

10 night-time nappies.
I used night time nappies for the whole flight – they are extra absorbent
especially if your little one is drinking lots of water to rehydrate.
Pending on your time in the air l gave my son one night time nappy per hour.
Although l didn't use all of them it’s always better to have spares.

Plastic disposable nappy bags

2 light blankets

15 sachets of powdered milk

4 sachets of Rafferty’s Fruit Puree
– although my bubba is well over 4 months and onto solids these
are great for “filling” tummies and are a sweet treat.
No mess no fuss.

One pack of Heinz Baby Fruit Sticks

6 Mr Men books for reading – small and light

4 Matchbox cars that bubba hadn't seen before – so they were new and exciting

Panadol with two spare medicine dosage syringes

Brauer Calm – Natural Medicine to calm babies

Vicks Baby Balsam – just in case of congestion from flight

Lavender Lotion to rub on chest and back for calming and soothing

Kids QuicKit – small first aid kit with bandaids and alcohol wipes

4 Spare plastic supermarket bags for dirty clothes or any extra mess

Happy Packing!

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