Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mother and Child Movie

l am so excited!

I have been given the opportunity to get a sneak
peak of a great new movie that's about to hit our cinemas.

It's called Mother and Child.

Here is a little bit about it...

Mother and Child is an unconventional family drama that centres on the subject of adoption.

It shows the effects of giving away a child as well as
the highs and lows of bringing one into your life.

The film was written and directed by Rodrigo Garcia
with a cast led by the amazingly talented Annette Bening.

Without being too preachy or sentimental the film examines what really makes a family.

Is it blood ties or emotional relationships?

Three women's lives share a common core: they have all been profoundly affected by adoption.

KAREN (Annette Bening) had a baby at 14, gave her up at birth,
and has been haunted ever since by the daughter she never knew.

ELIZABETH (Naomi Watts) grew up as an adopted child;
she's a bright and an ambitious lawyer, but a flinty loner in her
personal life and gets sidetracked by an unexpected pregnancy.

LUCY (Kerry Washington) is a young married woman who’s
unable to conceive and is embarking with her husband on the
adoption odyssey, looking for a baby to become their own.

Mother and Child is screening Australia wide from June 17th
Check local guides for session times

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