Monday, June 28, 2010

We love Little Humbugs

I'm always looking about on the internet for vintage
children’s images to inspire me for my website and blog.
So when l stumbled across Little Humbugs not only was l taken by the
enchanting images and captivating colours but l was also delighted
to find out that Little Humbugs belongs to a local Melbourne Mum.

Little Humbugs was born out of a love for vintage children's art by
Louise - as a child she was fascinated by the work of writers
such as Enid Blyton and stories illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.

With a large collection of dusty vintage books for inspiration - that smell just wonderful,
Louise’s work captures the innocence of childhood and illustrates children simply at play.
She uses gentle characters and soft pastel colours in all of her works.

All of the images are drawn by hand in pencil and then
coloured either digitally or via water colour.
If that’s not enough to keep her busy Louise is also a
Mum with three small children aged 5yrs, 3yrs and 1yr.

Originally from Perth and now based in Melbourne Louise and her family are loving
all the wonderful attractions, restaurants and culture that Melbourne has to offer.

“We are having a lovely time getting to know this wonderful city!”

Louise prints and packages all of her own work
from home and they can be purchased on Esty or Madeit.

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