Monday, July 19, 2010

We Love Jai Bows

Michaela Correia is the creator of Jai Bows and
the mother of beautiful one year old Jaiden Bella.

Jaiden was born with NO hair so she has been wearing a bow
or flower on her head since she was only just a few hours old!

Michaela was visiting her family in Texas over Christmas one
year and purchased several bows for Jaiden at a local store.

When Michaela arrived back in Melbourne she was inspired to make her own
bows and started playing around with various fabrics, ribbons and fake flowers.

After several attempts she was able to find a way to make a beautiful and
durable hair accessory for bubba - this was when Jai Bows was born!

Jaiden can pull and tug it- which she often does- and it will still keep its shape.
She is always wearing a bow either on her beanie or headband,

so people started asking me to make them for their little princesses.
I love coming up with new creations, mixing and matching different colours.
The bows are great for any age!

Jai Bows are suitable for all ages with bows being
made for newborns all the way up to 12 year olds!

Jai Bows are for the everyday princess... because she can't always wear her tiara!!

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