Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tea Party

Caffeine free teas for the little ones!

Kidz Tea is the creation of stay at home mum Vanessa.

Vanessa is a lady after my own heart and enjoys nothing
better than sitting down to a lovely cup of tea.

As her daughters grew older they took an interest in having
a cup of tea also – they wanted to feel like
“big girls” and enjoy afternoon tea with mummy.

Vanessa like any good mother knew she couldn’t serve up
regular tea for the little ones so she set off to create a
range of caffeine free herbal teas for children - alas Kidz Tea was born.

Throughout the Kidz Tea herbal range there are some amazing
health benefits for children drinking tea, such as soothing upset tummies,
combating sleep problems and relieving cold and allergy symptoms.

Kidz Tea is a great alternative to cordial and heavily sugared fruit juices.

It can be drunk warm on a cold wintery morning or
served cold as a refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day.

With adorable names such as Andy Apple,Ricky Raspberry, Penny Peach and
Tina Colada the grownups will want to have a cheeky cup or two as well!

The bubba and l also had the pleasure of sampling some of the Kidz
Tea range and l must say they smell just divine and taste delicious.

Andy Apple was the bubbas favourite which was the ideal cold
drink after playing in the park and l have a soft spot for the
Ricky Raspberry – it’s the perfect night cap after a long day!


  1. Fantastic, Popps and Immy have recently inherited all my Mums old tea sets that she didn't want anymore, including one of my Nana's (which I have put away) these teas will make our play time even more interesting, lots of tasting to do.

  2. How gorgeous! Leo often shares my peppermint and chamomile tea with me and he would love this. Now if I can just find a teapot with a manly picture of a truck on it...

  3. They are all so delicious ladies - l highly recommend ordering a sample pack to try all the flavours!



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