Saturday, October 2, 2010

Date Night

My hubby and l are very blessed.

We have fabulous family support when it comes to babysitters

Nonno and Nonna live just around the corner and are only
too happy to take the bubba off our hands when we need a break.

So when we feel like having some time out and splashing out
on a fancy restaurant – which these days is a very rare
occasion, here are some of our favourites we like to visit.

The food is fabulous and the wine selection is even better.

Cumulus Inc

Bird Man Eating



It’s very much a special treat for us to enjoy good
food and wine – like the good old days before babies!

So we always make the most of it.

I believe it’s great for a couples mental health to both get away
from it all and have a special dinner – just the two of you.

Although l don’t know about everyone else but all we always
end up talking about is the bubba when he is not around!


  1. Very jealous! We have no parents nearby but occasionally hit up our friends to give us a night out. For my husband's birthday we took a cheeky weekday off work so we could go for a fancy lunch at Giuseppe Arnaldo and Sons in Southbank - highly recommended if you're looking for somewhere new to try!

  2. I think I get more excited about date night now that we have a bubba, than I ever got about any other date! I treasure the time together...

  3. ooo i love date night, we are lucky enough have mil staying with us on hols just now so we are off for dinner in the big smoke on Friday night! Love bird man eating and matteos, haven't tried cumulus for the must try list!



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