Saturday, October 16, 2010

Grounded Pleasures

When l was asked to review Grounded Pleasures Drinking Chocolate l was delighted.

How could a girl say no to another fellow stay at home
mum – who happens to live in my old home town of Ballarat.
Also l just couldn't’t pass up the chance to try a new
type of boutique hot chocolate – no one in their right mind would!

Here are a few cheeky facts about Grounded Pleasures you may not know.

Grounded Pleasures is a family owned and run business based in Ballarat,
Sophie is also a busy stay at home mum to Gus who has just turned 1.

Grounded Pleasures is a boutique style
drinking chocolate that comes in 3 flavours.

Cinnamon Spiced

It can be found at selected cafes, farmers
markets and of course online on their website.

Grounded Pleasures source their cocoa beans from Africa.

100% natural – Gluten Free – Dairy Free and GMO Free.

5% of the Grounded Pleasures profits are donated to
non-government organisations working with
cocoa farmers, rain forest rescue and preservation.

The African Red is one of the most pure and
sumptuous chocolate experiences you can find.
It is sourced from the best cocoa growing regions of West Africa.
It exhibits all the hallmarks of African grown
Forastero cocoa beans and a hint of Trinitario cocoa
beans, with delightful high fruity notes.

These beans have been processed with the utmost care from tree to cup.
African Red is made using most of the cocoa bean,
thus retaining most of the cocoa liquor which
is usually reserved for hard chocolates.

The quality cocoa beans together with the minimum of processing,
means it has very high levels of anti-oxidants and flavonoids.
These are the great "health giving" properties of fine chocolate.

– Grounded Pleasures

I must saying trying these delightful hot chocolates was
certainly a treat and l feel very honoured that Sophie
took the time to ask me to write about them.

The flavours are smooth and rich while also
smelling just divine and so very inviting.

I found the hot chocolates rich, creamy and sweet with no need to
add extra sugar, which can happen in other hot chocolate brands.

I found they were easy to make in my home, with a
splash of hot water and some warm milk – voila!
Before you sits the perfect mid morning beverage
or the ideal night cap made in just minutes.

Grounded Pleasures hot chocolate is very much a special treat,
and not only are they great to enjoy at home but l
think they would make an excellent and unique gift.

It’s not your supermarket variety of hot chocolate
– but more an upmarket style of hot chocolate.

I highly recommend trying them out, the Grounded Pleasures
range can also be found at selected cafes in Melbourne.

So pop into a cafe and try a warm cup today!

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  1. I was just about to ask you where you can drink/buy some of this - I totally agree that you should never pass up a chance to try a new hot chocolate.

    Had a look on their website and they are conveniently sold at Cafe 3A in Brunswick just across from my place - how exciting!

    I am also an ex-Ballaratian so see it as my civic duty to support this product ;)



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