Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's in the bag Baby!

It feels like a few weeks ago but I’m sure it was a
few months back that Borne Naked sent me there wonderful
bags and asked me to use them and write about it.

I have been using the bags – oh yes l have, but
I’ve just been too busy to stop and write about it.

Never heard of Borne Naked?
The here is a little something about them...

The Borne Naked is a handbag liner that organises and
de-clutters your handbag, making it quicker and
than ever to transfer your essentials from one bag to the other

Now sometimes l can be a little cynical when it
comes to bloggers bangin on about products –
yes we all know they sent it to you for FREE!
And surely the blogger is just blowing wind up this
brands skirt so they can ‘say thanks for the freebie’
via a long post about how wonderful these products really are.

Oh how WRONG l was.

And l take back everything l just said above
regarding free stuff – bloggers and wind.

This bag has changed my life – alleluia brother!

l don’t know about everyone else but l'm forever losing
lip gloss, loose change and even my jewellery because
my bag is so cluttered with – well simply- junk!

Well come to think of it – it’s not junk and to be
honest l haven’t used MY handbag for months.

My handbag now is also known as the nappy bag.

Yep that’s right mixed in with the “junk” such as wipes, nappies,
spare baby clothes, crayons and trucks is my purse,
phone, house keys and whatever else l need for the day.
And let me tell you it’s very hard to answer your phone
when it’s hiding between the baby Panadol and change mat.

Viola – l grab my Borne Naked Liner and put all “my things” inside the
clear zip lock bag which the sits nicely inside the kids nappy bag.

Results: Answering the phone before it goes to
message bank and never losing a lip gloss again!


If your nappy bag needs organising then this
is the perfect bag liner to get your hands on!

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