Monday, January 24, 2011

Shopping for Baby in Japan

As you may or may not know our family has
just recently returned from a holiday in Japan.

It was a wonderful trip with the two bubbas
filled with amazing food, shopping and sites.

But before l got to do the fun stuff l had
to organise the essentials for the kids.

So first on my “to do” list when we hit Japan
was to locate nappies, milk and wipes.

I must admit it was a little hard at first as Kyoto
dosen’t have a nappy shop on every street corner and believe
it or not they don’t sell baby items at the supermarket.

Most baby items are available in Japan but can be
very hard to locate especially when you’re not a local,
but with a little patience and a sense of adventure
you’ll be kitting out the bubbas before you know it and be on
your way to exploring the beautiful and amazing Japan.

Here is a list of nappy brands – some l used and some
l didn’t but l thought l would still share anyway!

Nappy Brands

Moony Diapers
Nepia Genki!

We used Pampers for most of the trip and they were FANTASTIC.

The Merries and the Mamypoko were OK but they leaked a few times
which meant l had to carry a spare change of clothes for the big bubba.

Where to BUY

In Japan the department stores stock a wide variety of
nappies, breast pads, bottles, wipes and other baby needs


Also local drug stores stock all your baby needs. l didn't
happen to grab any names as they were all in Japanese!

To get a cheeky peek of some of the products I've
mentioned see here for more info and prices.


  1. Depending on the city in Japan, you can get nappies ("omutsu" in Japanese) at most pharmacies and supermarkets...but Kyoto is a traditional/tourist city so that may explain the difficulties you had! Ito Yokado, Jusco, Aeon, Peacock are some of the other stores that have them. There is another brand called Goon too.
    And just in case you are interested, and because Japanese nappies are so amazing, you can buy them here in Oz I met the guy selling them at the Pregnancy and Baby Expo!

  2. Thanks HEAPS for the feedback. We did do alot of day trips out of town and still didnt find nappies in the supermarkets?? Must of been looking in the wrong place. l'll admit l wasn't THRILLEd with the Japanese Nappies and prefered using the Pampers - they never leaked overnight or during the day.



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