Monday, February 7, 2011

Yum Cha = Family Friendly Dining

Our family is slightly obsessed with Yum Cha

Actually let me rephrase that

My husband is slightly obsessed with Yum Cha

He would sacrifice a round of golf with the
boys for an early 11am sitting of Yum Cha

Its tasty, family friendly and a great way to eat

l guess what we both love most about Yum Cha is that it's
casual restaurant dining and if you make a mess on
the white table cloth it means you've enjoyed your visit!

It not only delivers tasty steamed goodness by the
trolley load but the big bubba also LOVES it too, he
can be a bit loud and drive his trucks on the table,
without getting ' stern glares' from the staff.

Below you'll find our list of favourites that we visit
from time to time that are good value for money
while also providing good family friendly dining.

East Imperial - Carlton

Gold Leaf - Preston

Gold Leaf - Harbour Town

Dragon Boat Palace - CHINA TOWN

Dragon Boat Restaurant - CHINA TOWN

Golden Dragon Palace - Lower Templestowe

Shark Fin House - CHINA TOWN

Shark Fin Inn - CHINA TOWN

Told you we are SLIGHTLY obsessed!

**Highchairs and Boosters seats are available at each Restaurant**

**Bookings Essential**


  1. If you're happy to pay a bit more Plumes in Doncaster is great too and has a bit of extra room for prams and running around. I hear Plumes at Highpoint is similarly good!

  2. We love yum cha too. Emma is so into dumplings she asks for them every night for dinner. I buy them frozen and steam them to order.
    I think the golden leaf in preston is the best yum cha in melb at the moment. city ones arent as good as they used to be unfortunately
    x cinti

  3. Hi, we'll be visiting Melbourne (from Brisbane) in a fortnight. We're going with family, including our 18 month old son. Just wondering which one restaurant you'd recommend for Sunday yum cha lunch? Based on other reviews, I am leaning towards either Shark Fin House or Shark Fin Restaurant or possibly also Red Emperor at Southgate? If there is one in particular you would recommend for a fidgety toddler, that would be great! Thanks.

    1. * Edit: Shark Fin Inn or Shark Fin House Restaurant

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