Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Road Test :: Toosh Coosh Kids Support Seat

Another family summer holiday down and another milestone for Mr 3 to mark off, yep he can use his cutlery like a super star, drink from a big boy cup without a lid and yes he is sitting at the table with the grownups all thanks to our new Toosh Coosh.

Mr 3 has been dining at his own little mini table and chairs for some time now, but as he is growing, his bed time is getting later along with his meal times and he wants to join in on Mamma and Dadda’s nightly conversation. We were using cushions to boost him up until we got our hands (or bottoms) on a Toosh Coosh. Unlike the slippery fabric cushions the Toosh Coosh is a soft portable booster seat which makes little bottoms comfortable at meal times and is suitable to fit any style of dining table and chair.

Let me just explain exactly what a Toosh Coosh is. Apart from its very cute name the Toosh Coosh is a kid’s support booster seat. It’s proudly Australian made (yippy!), environmentally friendly and best of all easy to clean after meal times. It’s made from a soft rubbery material which is not only light but can be easily transported from venue to venue. Whether that be from your place to grandmas or to a trendy local cafĂ© or restaurant the Toosh Coosh can come everywhere with you thanks its light weight design and convenient travel bag.

The Toosh Coosh holds Mr 3 firmly in his seat so he is not up on his knees in the chair leaning all over the table or falling off unstable cushions. Meal times have become fun and easy and if he makes a mess the Toosh Coosh is quickly cleaned with a damp cloth. Mr 3 enjoyed using it so much at meal times he insisted it come down to the beach house as well, hey this seat gets around!

If you like supporting Australian business and Australian made products (which is a rarity these days) pop a Toosh Coosh on your list to make meal times fun and easy.

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