Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family Dining In Footscray

This week we welcome Kate Christie from Babysitters and More as our guest blogger. Kate is the co-founder and Director of Babysitters and More and when she has time between school pick up and emails she loves to take the family out for dinner.

My family loves going to Footscray for dinner on a Friday night – it is FAR better than getting take away! Our eatery of choice is First Taste Soup, a Chinese (Cantonese) Restaurant located opposite the Footscray Market in Hopkins Street. While the decor is not exciting, it is certainly family friendly – no need to worry about spilt drinks, staining the table cloths (there are none) or annoying fellow diners (pretty much local families). The menu is extensive and has recently been added to with a dozen or so delicious Thai dishes. The service is quick and friendly with lots of staff on hand so that you don’t have to wait.

But, like any great restaurant, it is the food we keep going back for. My weekly favourite is the Chicken Curry Luksa – a nice hot spicy dish full of lovely slippery noodles, lots of chicken, a handful of coriander and perfectly cooked boc choi. A huge side dish of Chinese Broccoli cooked in Plum sauce doesn’t last long with the kids around – chop sticks fly everywhere as they pile their plates with lovely green crunchy veg (I can’t believe this, it is a battle to get them to eat broc at home!). My kids also have their favourite dishes including Chinese Sausage Hot Pot, Honey Pork, Satay Chicken, Mixed fish Hot Pot, Dumpling soup with 8 or 9 delicious prawn dumplings bobbing in the broth, Prawn Ball and Pepper beef Hot Pot. The first time we took our kids (all under 10 years old), they were a little wary of the food – but now they experiment each week with new dishes and great gusto! Our kids are now experts with chop sticks and love the hot tea resident on each table in a silver thermos.

The walls of First Taste Soup are decorated with colourful vases of pickled fruit – cute and corny. If you don’t mind this and can tune out the ever present singing contest on the two TVs, First Choice Soup should be your next choice when looking for a fantastic, and cheap, meal. Our family of 5 barely cracks $50, and we have never managed to finish a full meal yet!

{Thanks for sharing Kate! We can't wait to try this little gem out!}

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