Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Friendly Cafes : Gippsland Lakes

As you may or may not know we recently returned from a camping holiday to Mallacoota.

Yes our little family experienced the great outdoors, toasted marshmallows and attempted to catch a fish or two. Well hubby was in charge of the 'fishing' department as it's not really my forte'

I'm more into checking out the local markets, op shops and of course the lovely little country cafes.

We happened to dine in a few and although they had some baby and child friendly features they just didn't have all 5 "hey bambini" features. You know the box ticking ones that are needed to make it onto our site like highchairs - change table - entertainment - room to move and menus.

So to be fair l thought l'd let you in on where we dined anyway and some of the kid friendly features they had.

Yarragon Country Style Bakery
Change Table - Breast Feeding Welcome (ABA Sticker shown)

Serenity Cafe
Box of toys - Babycinos

Wharside Cafe
Kids Lunch and Dinner Menu - Highchairs

Stay tuned as we did happen to find a baby friendly cafe/resturant that did tick all our boxes and it happens to be our FIRST review for the Sydney-NSW area.


  1. What a shame we don't travel that far.
    My husband's family have a holiday house in Paynesville. We often stop at Yarragon on the way-gorgeous.
    There's also a great cafe in Bairnsdale. I can't remember what it's called. Something like 'Easy Eats'. It is very open and large- great access for prams, painted concrete floors, change room and high chairs...and great coffee.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Just a suggestion. As a user of your site I'd still be interested in reading about these cafes on your site. If we are holidaying in that area and there are no 'tick-all-the boxes' kid-friendly cafe's I'd still like to know about those that are second best. Better that than nothing. I know you need to have criteria for a cafe to be listed on your site, but maybe you could have a new section on your website 'Almost kid-friendly' for these types of occasions.
    Thanks for sharing.

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