Saturday, May 7, 2011

Christmas in May??

We were lucky enough to receive an invite to the"Mothers Day Blogger Brunch" at Day Dreamers Cafe last Friday. It was hosted by the lovely Christie from Kids Business.

I adore going to events like this as l get to catch up with some old online friends such as Planning with Kids, Speedbabysitting and Nifty Mums, but l also got to meet some new ones including the fab women behind Tot Hot or Not, Fairyfloss Markets and Be A Fun Mum.

I must say Kids Business know how to throw a shin-dig. After hearing some guest speakers we got to have a cheeky brunch and have a good old 'gas bag' with everyone. We all got very spoilt as well and received loads of goodies for ourselves and of course for our children. (It is Mother's Day after all!)

After making two trips to the car - (yes TWO!!) with all my goodies l finally got home and gave them to Mr Two who asked if the toys were from Santa. (Too cute!)

l just want to say a big THANKS to all the companies who generously gave us toys and products to try at home with our children. Check out the cheeky snaps below of Mr Two enjoying his gifts.


  1. It was such a lovely way to celebrate in the lead up to Mother's Day!

  2. A wonderful event, beautiful company and you're right the companies were definitely generous. It was my first event so shied away from taking the products. What a shame because I think my little girl would have loved Maestro-Bot. What a very cool toy. The goodie bag was pretty amazing though.
    ...and you look absolutely amazing- healthy and happy.

  3. I had a lovely morning. And so nice to catch up with so many lovely women. My son adores his truck! Fantastic brands represented!

  4. I agree...great to meet so many amazing bloggers, and lucky for me I have a boy turning 2 next month so managed to whip some of the goodies into the car and straight to the top of the wardrobe!

  5. What a happy accident to run into you here! Was so good to see you...feels like no time has passed! Thanks also for passing my name're the best! Hope you're keeping warm

  6. Hi Jolie, Pink Poppy was so glad to be part of the first bloggers brunch and meet so many amazing mums. We got to show off our pink and sparkling goodies for little girls. we'd love to hear your comments on our products. cheers Therese



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