Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Malaysian Adventure: Little Malaysia Restaurant: China Town

We had the opportunity to duck out and leave the kids at home last week so we decided to take the tram into China Town for a quick dinner. We met up with another couple and first stop was cocktails at Ginger Boy then off to dinner at Little Malaysia.

We sat down and with very prompt service, before we knew it we had wine, beer and entrée’s at the table. Seeing as there was four of us, we decided to order an entrée and a main each, and then put it all in the middle to share. I guess this is what l enjoy most about Asian food, you get to share and try a little bit of everything. We once went out with a couple who hated sharing and guarded each of their dishes like junk yard dogs, making sure no one took a mere morsel from their plate and using their chopsticks like small samurai swords. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to share, maybe it’s just me but isn’t that what Asian food all about? Malaysian is a prefect cuisine to share.

We probably ordered too much in the end as we rolled out of the restaurant. We tried the Archar Salad, Saan Choi Bau, Satays and Tofu Goreng for entrée and for mains we ate from the Hawker Style menu which included Thai Mee Hoon, Roti, Beef Randang and Chilli Calamari.

To conclude the dinner we sipped on traditional Malaysian tea. I have fallen in love with Teh Tarik and would drink everyday if they sold it at my local café. It’s a mixture of black tea and condensed milk with a creamy sweet taste which is absolutely divine. A must to try next time you visit a Malaysian Restaurant.

Pop Little Malaysia restaurant on your list of “must try”. It’s not fancy and the wine list is a bit naff but the food was good and the service was quick and uncomplicated.

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