Thursday, September 29, 2011

Malaysian Adventure: Laksa King : Flemington

On a very wet and cold night we decided we needed some hot and spicy comfort food to warm us up. We’ve been to the Laksa King in Flemington many times and we knew this place would deliver the goods; we also knew it had high chairs and a change table for Mr 1.

Upon arrival the place was absolutely packed, mind you it was right on 6pm and it was filled with families coming home from the Royal Melbourne Show. Service at the Laksa King is speedy and efficient. My only complaint is that it’s so fast that you feel like you have to eat your meal in record time so that they can get the next lot of customers into your seat.

Mr 1 enjoyed chewing on some Roti Bread while we shared our entrée serve of Peking duck rolls, which were melt in mouth and filled with loads of Hoisin Sauce. They are at the pricey end of the entrée menu but totally worth it. For mains it was simple. I’m a huge Laksa fan so it was Chicken Laksa for me and a pork dish for the Mr Man. The Chicken Laksa at the Laksa King would be the best l’ve ever tasted outside of Malaysia. It’s so creamy and fragrant while also packing the right amount of spice. Sometimes a Laksa can be so spicy you can’t enjoy the flavour but this one is spot on.

Mr Man is a die-hard pork fan so it was the Spare Ribs in Guinness Sauce (which l would believe to have an Irish-Chinese influence with that name??) It was sweet (loaded with pineapple) and the sauce was thick and rich, luckily we had all that Roti Bread to soak it up with, even Mr 1 loved the sauce.

Our meal was satisfying but very quick and rushed; there was a line out the door when we left! It’s a great place to grab a quick bite if you’re on the way to an event or want a quick meal with the family; they also cater for the kids by providing high chairs and a change table. The restaurant is so loud that any toddler squeals or squeaks are easily drowned out by the packed tables of diners. If you don’t mind sharing a table with other people and the noise level then this is a must to visit for a great spicy Laksa, well he is the king after all!

**Hey Bambini features :: High chairs and a Change Table**

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