Thursday, January 19, 2012

21 Hot Chocolate Flavours in Werribee

Mel has been at in again, searching the suburbs for cool kid-friendly cafes. Here is her latest adventure, which saw her out in Werribee. She just happen to stumble across a fun place that's serves 21 varieties of Gourmet Hot Chocolate for the little ones and Mum too. Enjoy!

If you LOVE gourmet hot chocolate and yummy treats from Phillippa’s Bakery, then Jaffa Espresso Bar is the place to go!

This small café on Werribee’s main street only has a few of the Hey Bambini features, so is better suited to those with small babies still in the pram, or well behaved little ones who are happy to sit still for a short time.

The bright and colourful room has plenty of room for prams and a variety of tables and chairs or couches to sit at. There are also a couple of tables out on the footpath, under umbrellas, but being on a VERY busy road, it’s not the safest place for wandering toddlers.

The kids menu really is just a drinks list of babycinos, kiddie milkshakes, hot chocolate or iced chocolate. For eats, there is a display case and counter full of yummy treats. Little Miss loved her mini chocolate caramel tart and my savoury muffin with homemade relish was delish.

Due to a limited kitchen, the menu is just what is on display – freshly made foccacias, soup, muffins, cakes, tarts and biscuits. All the bread and a lot of the cakes and biscuits are from Phillippa’s, so you know they’ll be tasty.

The coffee is good, but the specialty of the café is the 21 flavours of hot chocolate. I was in heaven! Whether you like a bit of chilli with your chocolate, orange and cinnamon or mint, your tastebuds will be delighted. The Fraus ‘Seriously Rich’ range of hot chocolates are produced in the European style, blending ‘the most precious and aromatic cacao, with a variety of natural products to create a drinking chocolate regarded amongst the worlds finest!’. Other amazing flavours in the range include vanilla, caramel, white chocolate with hazelnut, meringue, coconut and nougat. Yummo!

Lining the walls of Jaffa are quirky artworks with a coffee or chocolate theme, which are all for sale. Coffee, tea and chocolate gift packs are also available. Great for last minute gifts or as a treat for yourself. You can also pick up the Fraus hot chocolate powder to make your own decadent indulgence at home.

There are no activities for the kids, so you might need to take your own pencils and paper or books to entertain the kidlets. Also, there is no toilet on-site and so no facilities to change the little ones.

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