Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mini Review :: Orange Leaf :: Port Melbourne

Looking for a healthy alternative to ice-cream for the kids now that summer is just around the corner?

As you know we like a sweet treat round these parts.  As shades of summer shine through on these spring days Mr 3 and I dream of ice-cream and other frozen treats. So when the folk at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt invited us to try some of their range we jumped at the chance to treat ourselves and our sweet tooth.

Situated in Port Melbourne, Orange Leaf serve up 16 flavours of Frozen Yogurt, which are all made fresh daily on site. For the fruit lovers they serve up flavours such as Mango, Strawberry, Kiwi and Blueberry and for the die-hard sweet-tooth’s they have flavours such as Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Coffee and (my favourite) Cotton Candy.

If that’s not enough to get your mouth watering Orange Leaf also have over 20 extra toppings to add to your frozen yogurt. Yes toppings! Drool Drool! You can go on the healthy side of town and top your yogurt with fresh fruit, nuts , dried fruits and muesli or if you’re feeling like going all out and smashing the diet then splash on some chocolate buds, smashed Crunchie Bars, Tim Tams,  M and M’s or colourful sprinkles.

At Orange Leaf it’s all self-serve, so it was really fun for Mr 3 to look through all the flavours, have a little try of some and then add his toppings to his chosen yogurt. Once you’ve finished making your dessert master piece pop it on the provided scale. You see at Orange Leaf you pay by weight, you’re in control of your portion size and topping selection, which is good for children. Parents can control the amount of frozen goodness the kids consume.

Some Fast Frozen Yogurt Facts

All of the frozen yogurts are made fresh daily on site

All flavours are Gluten free

There are 16 Flavours on site to choose from daily.

Coming soon :: Sugar FREE flavours Chocolate and Vanilla

You can get all the nutrition information HERE

Orange Leaf has Lactose Free flavours like
“Pineapple” with “Orange” Coming Soon

2 cup sizes to choose from plus a small sample
size so you can “try before you buy!”

All the packaging is bio-degradable which = environmental friendly

Frozen Yogurt is a healthy alternative to
ice-cream and is jam packed with probiotics

Know before you Froyo! 
Yes they have an app with all the latest daily flavours.

 Are they kid friendly? Oh YES they most certainly are!!

The Orange Leaf store has plenty of room for the prams, colouring sheets, low seats for the kids, toilets on site and they also host children’s parties.

Open Daily 11am – Late
Get  20% off your Frozen Yogurt when you mention the Hey Bambini Blog!

Valid Til 31st October

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