Monday, September 10, 2012

Tinker Bell and My Nanna

What a week for us.

Sorry for our absence. (We were really on a good roll too, loading fresh content for everyone to read a few times a week.)

My Nanna passed away on Father’s Day. It threw our whole family into slight chaos. It was a week of emotional up’s and down’s, baking frenzy’s, organising smart clothes for the wee ones, writing eulogies along with loads and loads of phone calls to family members.

Alas no blogging for this little black duck.

The funeral was on Friday and ran smoothly and by the time Saturday rolled around l was well and truly beat.

Thank god for Sunday.

You see Sunday my little man and l trotted off to Melbourne Central to get a sneak peek at Disney’s new flick Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings.

It was truly what the doctor ordered.

Fun time with my little man and some movie escapism.

The pre-film fun included some face painting, fairy wings and some balloon bending tricks by a colourfully painted entertainer for the kids. Mr 3 was most excited and lapped up all the fun, although he was busting to get in the cinema to start watching the film. After all he does take after his grandpa and mummy and possess a keen obsession for films.

The Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings film was just delightful, and although the cinema was mainly filled with little girls it didn’t bother Mr 3 one bit, hey a trip to the cinema is a trip to the cinema.

He enjoyed all the fairy characters and the cute forest animals. In true Disney style the scenery was bright and colourful which added a bit of magic to the film. There were no scary bits and it was light and breezy, just like Tinker Belle I guess.

So if you’re looking for some September School Holiday Inspiration then look no further than Tinker Bell and the Secret of the Wings. It’s suitable for girls, boys and parents young at heart.

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