Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pre-Christmas Detox

Over the past few weeks the adults in the Bambini household have been on a bit of detox. The booze fridge has been empty. Loads of salads and extra vegie helpings are being consumed along with copious amounts of piping hot Green Tea. I read online (as you do!) that Green Tea is great for the metabolism and has loads of antioxidants, so l thought why not give it a crack. Lord knows l drink far too much caffeine anyway, a few weeks off won’t hurt.  

Well can l report that I’ve gone a bit mad for the stuff and have even been taking my Green Tea on the kinder run, to work and to the shops. Sounds a little extreme that I would be carrying around my cup and saucer to all these places, but l’ve managed to get my hands on a reusable beverage cup, which has made the Green Tea consumption a success.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of my Joco Beverage Cup of course. This re-useable beverage cup is the best. It’s made of glass, has a splash safe lid, a thermal silicone sleeve so my little pinkies don’t burn and l’m doing my bit for the environment by saving a paper coffee cup!

The Joco folk are that passionate about hot beverages they even have a tea and coffee booklet in the cup packaging. With tips on brewing temperatures and a coffee chart you’ll be spoilt for choice on which beverage to decide on when next indulging in a five minute break from life.

Some other facts you may like to know about my new Joco cup is that it’s dishwasher safe, microwave safe, it’s barista certified, BPA free, and the packaging is 100% recyclable.  In my mind the Joco cup is the perfect Christmas gift for any cafĂ© hoping mamma or papa.

*Babycino Cup Coming Soon

*Join the coffee community and check out their blog which is jammed packed with coffee news and reviews.

**Disclaimer :: The lovely folk over at Joco popped one of these in the post for me. No money was exchanged nor will l be getting any commission from the sales of these fab little cups. (I WISH!!)

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