Monday, January 21, 2013

Summer Loving - Had Me A Blast!

So we’re back today, officially. The summer holiday is OVER! Now back to reality. How was your summer break? Maybe you’re still on it. I’m jealous.

So our summer break was filled with visits to the beach, family BBQ's, wine, reading, a little op shopping and of course we managed to squeeze in some family friendly cafes.

While we were down the beach we managed to find two little gems which l would highly recommend for families to visit.

Bass Highway :: Kilcunda
Open Daily 7am-4pm
Features :: High Chair - Kids Menu - Toys - Beach Near By

Kilcunda General Store is situated on the wind swept shores of Kilcunda. This rustic general store/come post office slash café’ serves up good old fashioned country home cooking.  It’s a quaint little spot and has everything on the menu from breakfast to lunch and of course all the fun stuff in between like cakes, coffee and sweets. Everything is made on site and sourced locally, and may l say looked absolutely delish. We ordered the fruit toast for breakfast and it wasn’t some ordinary slab of raisin toast, instead it was jam packed with dried apricots, dates and dried figs. Me and Mr 2 demolished it in minutes.

For the wee ones they have one breakfast menu option and sandwiches for lunch. On the treat side of things your choice is endless with cakes, biscuits, ice-creams and bags of mixed lollies on offer. For the big kids the menu packs a punch and has loads of tasty dishes to choose from like Annie’ s Free range eggs benedict, middle eastern scrambled eggs to Free Range Burgers and Chick Pea Dahl. To keep the wee ones amused they have a box of toys and of course a high chair for little bottoms. Service was friendly but slow. Our coffees came out last and about 20 minutes after we had all finished our meals, so be warned they do run on country time.

Old Dalyston Deli
74 Glen Forbes Rd Dalyston
Open Daily 10am-3pm :: 6pm til Late :: Live Music on Sundays 2pm-5pm
Features :: High Chair :: Kid Friendly Eats - Gardens to Roam - BYO Picnic Blanket

The Dalyston Deli was a fantastic find for us. We were driving past and both went – “that place looks good!” What caught our eye was that the Dalyston Deli is a café in an old white weatherboard church. It was really quite a sweet setting. They of course offer dining inside this renovated church and outdoor seating, which in my mind is the best seat in the house. They have an outdoor bar for the big kids and loads of lush green lawn to run around on for the little kids. My boys loved exploring the gardens while Mr Bambini and l threw back a few cold ones.

They have high chairs for little ones and eats for the kids included homemade pizzas and open sandwiches. They don’t have a kids menu as such but there were loads of suitable items for the children to choose from. We loved the relaxed vibe about this place and could have settled in for the afternoon. The Dalyston Deli have daily specials and serve up a mean chicken and curry pie. Service was slick and friendly.

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