Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Ballarat Mini Break Adventure :: Day 3

This is our last post about our Ballarat Adventure. Over the last few weeks I've been sharing with you my recent trip to Ballarat with the Bambini family. We were invited by Ballarat Tourism to experience the region’s most popular attractions and to sample some of the locally produced food that Ballarat has to offer families.

It was raining cats and dogs on our last day in Ballarat. This city sure knows how to turn on the weather. “Rain, rain go away” Mr 4 sung all morning as we tucked into our breakfast. The only spot left to visit today was Kryal Castle. I was excited and a little unsure what our experience would be like. The last time l set foot into Kyral Castle was about 12 years ago. Unfortunately l wasn’t there on a medieval adventure, instead l was touching the lasers and having a grand time at a dance party! Back in those days Kryal was more known as a fabulous party venue, not as a “ye olde” theme park. Also the park had become quite run down and really wasn’t a tourist destination.

Having heard on the grape vine that Kryal had recently undergone a mini makeover l was excited to experience the park through new eyes. The kids were excited as we drove up the cobble stone driveway and looked in amazement, at the large castle, complete with mini bridge and moat. 

Throwing on all the wet weather gear we could possibly manage we entered the park. The kids had fun exploring the Dragon's Labyrinth, sitting at the Knights Round Table, spending pocket money at the Tooth Fairy Lolly Shop and checking out the Fairies and Goblins Wonderland.

It was just too wet to explore the Magical Maze and the Ancient Cemetery. We were also disappointed we couldn’t watch one of the daily medieval jousting shows. It was simply too wet.

Instead we had our face painted, snacked on lollies and briefly ran around the park dodging the heavy rain. On a sunny day l would image Kryal Castle to be a wonderful place to explore. They have an onsite playground for active kids and daily outdoor combat shows.

I was pleasantly surprised how much work had gone into the renovations and l’m sure they are only going to make more improvements as more people come through the doors. The park was clean, and the kids had a brief encounter of medieval life which has left them curious to experience more. I promised them we would return in the summer school holidays. Fingers crossed the rain will stay away!

**Kryal Castle has so much to offer families and l would highly recommend it as a day trip - pack a picnic for extra fun. We struck out with the weather on the day we visited so make sure you plan ahead as there is not much shelter when the weather turns. Check your local weather guide before planning your day! Have fun.**


  1. Ha! I didn't realise Kryal castle was still open. Looks like a fun day out.

  2. Yes! They re-opened a few months back, the kids loved it x



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