Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mini Master Class :: Kids Pizza

A few weeks back l was invited by the Keep Left group to a Pizza Master Class. It was a night filled with pizza making tips from some local chefs, foodie ideas from Woolworths and of course a few glasses of wine courtesy of Dan Murphy

After l left l thought to myself that my kids would have had a great time at the master class too.  With that thought in mind l decided to hold my own mini master class at home with the boys. I was going to use all the fabulous products we received on the night from the various brands who attended the evening and teach my boys about healthy eating and making food from scratch.

Little did l know after l had set up all the ingredients for the mini master class that the kids were already rather savvy when it comes to making pizza. I started to explain to Mr 4 about the various ingredients on the table and how to construct a pizza.

He calmly turned to me and said. “Mum l KNOW how to make pizza, Nonno and l make one every Tuesday when he looks after me!”

And with that Mr 4 then started to show ME how to make the perfect pizza.

I can’t believe it never twigged with me that he would’ve known this.  Well no need for that master class l thought!

“Mum the sauce goes on first then the cheese then the basil, like this”

Of course he knows – he’s half Italian after all, pizza making is in his blood!

We had a lot fun creating our own pizzas and because the kids were involved in the preparation it made it even more enjoyable for them to eat. I found that all the products we used were tasty, within our family food budget and easily sourced from my local supermarket.

If  your kids would like to have a mini pizza master class at home here’s what you’ll need.




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