Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Road Test :: Tasti D Lite

The Bambini babes and l went on another eating out adventure this week. There’s no mistaking it, we heart to get out and about and l never need to convince the kids to try somewhere new, especially if there is a frozen treat or two involved. This week we found ourselves in the shiny new Fresh Food Precinct at Highpoint Shopping Centre. I have a soft spot for Highpoint, well our family fondly calls her “Knifepoint” and many school holidays were spent down in the cinema complex with my dear old dad. We’d often drive down from the country to take in a Hollywood blockbuster while filling our faces with lollies and popcorn. She’s come a long way in the last 20 years or so and with her recent facelift little miss Highpoint is all grown up and now boasts a very modern and polished food precinct which includes many stylish food venues such as Tasti D-Lite.

I’ve never indulged my sweet tooth at Tasti D Lite before so l was keen to investigate. It seems to me that frozen treats are now becoming quite the trend with a variety of self-serve stores and stands popping up everywhere like mushrooms. It’s a ‘win win’ in my book – the more the merrier! I know the kids love soft serve anything, whether it be yogurt or ice-cream, so l knew they’d be impressed instantly at Tasti D Lite.

We met Patrick who is the manager down at Highpoint and he was very enthusiastic to share with us what Tasti D-Lite has to offer. So what is Tasti D Lite? Basically it’s a light dairy based soft serve treat. It’s not ice-cream and it’s not yogurt. It’s in-between! It’s lower in calories, sugar and fat. And guess what? It comes in over 100 flavours! Yep 100. I get quite overwhelmed when there’s too much choice on offer so l asked Patrick to recommend a flavour for me. The kids had no trouble choosing – ‘bubble gum with sprinkles please’ chimed Mr 4. Once you’ve chosen your flavour from the many on offer then you can dress it up with a variety of toppings from chocolaty treats and mixed lollies to healthy stuff like fruit and nuts.

The kids loved it, their frozen goodness was served in a small cup which was easy for them to hold and to eat. I had the coconut flavour which was recommended by Patrick, and this was lovely. My only complaint was l wished l had more of it! The kids swooped in rather quickly and inhaled most of my serving, so beware it’s tasty and delish. I wouldn’t hesitate to return, there was a wide variety of flavours for us to choose from which all included the calorie intake of each serve for those watching their weight, which l thought was a good tool for mums wanting to treat themselves to a healthy, yet indulgent treat.

The other winning feature that l loved was the service. We heart customer service and the staff at Tasti D Lite can create a custom dessert master piece, so there’s no fiddling with bulky soft serve machines for busy parents.  The hardest decision you’ll have to make is choosing a flavour!

Fast Facts

Over 80 Gluten Free Flavours
More than 100 Flavours to delight you!
Lower in calories and sugar compared to ice cream
Tasti D-Lite offer a variety of serving sizes in cups and cones
Range also includes Shakes, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Dairy Free Fruit Crushers, Ice Coffee & Sundaes
Kids Birthday Cakes Available

Where To Find

Highpoint Shopping Centre
L2 Shop 2706
120-200 Rosamond Rd

Chapel St Melbourne
Shop 5 / 450 Chapel Street
South Yarra

*Sponsored Post :: We were invited by Tasti D Lite to sample some of their sweet treats and eats. All our opinions are our very own, to have and to hold!*



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